All About Dabeagle
This space is just to provide some background on me and answering a few basic questions that no one ever asks.

Why do you write about High School characters?
I enjoy these characters because they are at a real crossroads. First loves - learning what love is - and everything else that can be so confusing. And funny. Teens are an endless well of things to explore - and I hope that my little stories are being read by them and make them feel alittle less alone. There isn't anything quite like seeing yourself represented on the page or on the screen. So I write for them, in the end.

Ok, so what is the deal with the long waits between chapters or stories?
A number of reasons. At first it was some unfortunate personal events, that I have shared with my readers; my father passing, my stepfather passing and my beloved beagle, Tristan, passing. I also got addicted to World of Warcraft. Whoo boy did I get addicted. Additionally we became foster parents and then adoptive parents. Kids are time consuming. I now am making more time for the other things I enjoy, inlcuding restoring Telechron Clocks. I have also been writing much more of late and have made it a new policy to not release serials until they are complete - so if you see new postings you can be sure it will all come out, not be dragged out for years.

Will you ever finish some of the stories you abandoned?
The short answer is yes. It will take some time to get back in the groove of the characters and the feel of the stories, but yes I plan to finish them. If there is one you want to see finished, let me know!

How did you come up with the name Dabeagle?
Ok, well it's like this. In 1986 the Chicago Bears were huge, and called dabears by their fans, later it was basketball and dabulls. A friend of mine used the screen name damayer, his last name being Mayer. I countered with dabeagle, which is from my beagle, Tristan.

Who is Jake?
The only real Jake I ever knew was Jake Bailey, in grade school. I've always been affected by names, certain ones strike me very well, and Jake is one. Chris of course, is another.

You have mentioned a Boyfriend...
Can you call a man you have lived with since 2000 a boy anymore? Well, I suppose I could, since he gets his knees dirty with his new hobby... gardening. But actually we were married in 2013 and adopted our son from foster care in the same year.

What is the future of the site?
My hope is to continue to write. I am motivated by talking to you, the reader, so don't be afraid to hit me up on email or the message board.

Questions for this page are accepted at And I promise not to bite until you come to visit.
Until next time:
(Beagles howl)

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