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These pages are meant to serve as a reference for the Sanitaria Springs Associated Short Stories. This Wiki is meant to be an author resource—please be aware that the included character descriptions and synopsis for each story may have spoilers for those stories readers haven't yet gotten to.



The original short story Sanitaria Springs was written by Dabeagle and introduced the characters of Sasha Buchanan and Alec Kutsenko. The story centers around physical abuse in the locker room with respect to the attempt to exercise power with a veneer of homophobia. Underlying the overall story is the romance of Sasha and Alec, both Sophomores in high school. Alec is defined by his quick wit and makes use of it as he matures through the story.

The little town of Sanitaria Springs exists, however the fictional town is considerably bigger and further from Binghamton - probably more like Unadilla, a town about 30 miles further along I-88/NY Route 7. For the fictional town, Binghamton is still considered the nearest major city and, inside one hour travelling time, within commuting distance.

The plot and characters are entirely fictional as are the vast majority of the structures.


Several authors have contributed to the development of the town of Sanitaria Springs. After the original was posted the offer was made to others to come build their own characters and interact with the originals, and many have answered that call. The town is still open to new residents and offers many springboards in existing stories for the development of new characters and places. Because the various authors have been able to work with considerable autonomy, there are occasional discrepancies in continuity especially in the timeline.


The rules are that of a gentleman's code. Make no major changes to existing plot lines or contradict same. For instance, do not break up an existing couple simply to advance your own story. If you wish to use another author's character in a substantive way, contact them to ensure they aren't writing something contradictory to the story you are developing, as a for instance or presenting the character in a way that is contradictory to the author's intent. Keep in mind that characters are like an author's children and treat them with care. Dabeagle can be contacted for help in this regard.

Public Structures

In addition to character's private houses, public structures that have been noted are:

Sanitaria Springs: Bowling alley (unnamed), Cafe Perk Me Up (on Main & Second), car wash (opposite CPMU), Columbia High & Middle Schools & school fields, community center, convenience store on third (unnamed - might be the IGA), Dunkin Donuts, Eastern Avenue Trailer Park, Episcopal Parsonage, Four Aces diner, Flubberbuster Burger (SS branch in later stories), First United Methodist Church, gas station (later named as Speedway), Granger Park, group home (unnamed), Hibachi Restaurant, Hobby Shop (Unnamed), IGA store, Kilmer Hills Juvenile Detention Center, Lickety Splits ice cream stall (seasonal), Maw and Paw Pet Supply (nr CPMU), McKinley's Auto and Repairs, mexican restaurant (closed), movie theater (unnamed), pizza parlour (unnamed), restaurant (unnamed), Roxanne's Diner, Sanitarium Ruins, St Joseph's parochial school, Schwinn's Bake Shoppe, Spencer's Cafe (new in Shutterbug), Tower Farm, Walt's Barber Shop. Clinics: Dr Freeman (therapy), Dr Hanks (dentist), Dr Suddeth (Pediatrician/General), Dr George Dudley's dental practice.

Binghamton Area: Open Air Mall, Indoor Mall, Abercrombie & Fitch, Broome Country Correctional Facility, Broome County Country Club, Broome County Court, Broome County Forum (theatre), Chenango Valley High School, Chenango Valley State Park, East Shore Skate Park, Flubberbuster Burger, Fratelli Esposito (Italian restaurant), hotel (unnamed), Nirchi's Pizza (Conklin), Number 5 restaurant, Quigley's (coffee place), St Mary Ignatius School, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Broome (community college), Clinics: Binghamton General Hospital, Kutsenko's dentist, Dr Price (General), Dr Molina (General Minor Surgery), Rehab Center (re: 2low4zero).

Albany/Tri-cities Area: Arbor Hill Clinic (Albany), Charbonneau's VW Shop, (Rensselaer) Crossgates/unnamed Mall (Albany), Cosmo's Pizza (Albany), gay bar (unnamed,Albany), Jack's Burger Van, (seasonal, Rensselaer), Lark Street (gay area Albany), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy), School-Combined Middle & High- nr Rensselaer (Hampton Park?), SUNY Albany, Washington Park (Albany), Whitman's Restaurant (Albany),

Others (NY state unless otherwise indicated): Barnes & Noble bookstore (Vestal), 32 Avenue of Americas (Manhattan), Cornell University: Barton Hall(sports), Jameson Hall(dorm), Boat Yard restaurant (Ithaca), Delaware & Ulster Railroad (heritage line, Arkville) Football Camp (Maine), Man Warehouse (Vestal), hotel (posh,unnamed, Boston, Massachusetts), Nathaniel Cole Park (state park near Harpursville), Little Flower School and Children's Home (Brooklyn), Meadowhall Centre (mall, Sheffield UK), Sinaia Orphanage (nr Bucharest, Romania), Palace of Parliament (Bucharest, Romania).


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Family Tree

Family Tree . Opens PDF file in new Window. NB: Zoom In will be needed to view the detail. Updated December 8,2019.

This is intended to show the relationships in and between families of major characters. Generations read from left to right instead of the normal vertical convention. Although older siblings are generally placed above/to the left of younger, discrepancies have arisen in order to display the relationships with partners as clearly as possible. There are notes below the Key block that are associated with some of the characters as indicated by [nn] .

School Related Matters

School Related Matters . Opens new Window. Updated May 5,2019.

This is intended to provide a brief outline of the schools system pertaining to the fictional Sanitaria Springs and the surrounding area. Sections cover: School Calendar, Attendance, Year Grades and Extra-Curricular Activities/Sports.

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