The Evolution of Us

A Sanitaria Springs Story

By Ryan Bartlett


I was so excited to be working as a lifeguard at the Broome County Country Club this summer. Kale and I had worked here the year before and the management was happy to have us back. The exciting part was two vacancies opened at the start of the season and dad pulled some strings to get Alec and Sasha hired. Dad’s the chairman of the membership committee so it only took a few phone calls. I really missed Alec and Sasha while they were away at school and I was thrilled the four of us would get to spend the summer working together.

It was a quiet summer day. Sasha and I were on duty at the adult pool where all we really had to do was sit in our tall umbrella chairs and look pretty for the house wives in our little red swim trunks. The adult pool was always quiet during the afternoon shift; it was the kids’ pool where all the action was.

I looked over the low fence separating the two swimming areas and watched as Kale tried to give swimming lessons and Alec encouraged the little ones to splash him. Kale tried to ignore it for a while, but Alec wasn’t about to allow that. I saw them speaking animatedly, Kale gesturing quite a bit with his hands, until he couldn’t take it anymore and attacked Alec, dunking him under the water.

“They are such little boys.” Sasha rolled his eyes and giggled. “Can’t they ever play nice?”

“I think that is playing nice, at least for them,” I laughed.

“I told Alec to be good and let Kale work,” said Sasha.

“Kale’s in a pool getting paid to play with his best buddy. Trust me, no matter how much he bitches, he’s having the time of his life.”

I watched as the fighting stopped. Alec was behind Kale with his arm around Kale’s neck. He whispered something in Kale’s ear which made him laugh and then throw Alec over his shoulder. I shook my head and smiled as their play resumed. Sasha smiled too and then we turned our attention to the old ladies in our charge. No one had drowned while our heads were turned so we went back to our conversation.

“I can’t tell you how grateful we are that your dad was able to hook us up with these jobs,” said Sasha. “Did you tell him we said thank you?”

“Sure I did but he really didn’t do much; it was just a few calls,” I explained.

“I was worried they wouldn’t hire us because we’d never been on the swim team or anything.”

“They like to hire guys from the team, but it’s not a requirement. After you guys took that CPR class you were good to go,” I explained.

“Well thank him again from me anyway,” Sasha smiled.

“Will do,” I smiled back.

“Speaking of your parents, how are things going with Austin?” asked Sasha, placing his hand on my forearm and leaning conspiratorially close.

“Oh, they’re fine.” I grinned and patted his hand.

“I have to say I was worried when he first came to town.”

“It was a little rough at first, but I think a lot of it has to do with impressions. Mom had a pretty bad relationship with my Uncle Terry, and she was viewing Austin through the lens of that relationship. She expected him to be a little punk, but he’s not. He’s a good kid and he’s trying really hard in school, and cold as mom can be, she’s not completely rigid. They get along ok.”

“What about your dad?” asked Sasha as he absentmindedly petted my arm as though I were a particularly bald cat. He was a very tactile person, at least with his close friends, and I enjoyed the innocent contact.

“I think his initial hostility was the result of mom’s attitude, but Austin’s kind of become his little buddy.”

“Seriously?” Sasha asked incredulously.

“I know, right?” I laughed. “They read these dorky sci-fi books and then spend hours talking about them. They’re such nerds! It’s kind of cute.”

“So you think they’re going to be ok when you leave for college?”

“Like I said, it was rough at first, but things are ok now. He’ll be alright.”

“How about you?”

“I am going to miss him so much when I’m at school,” I sighed. “I had no idea how truly lonely I was at home until he came along. I spent so much time with Kale and you guys I never really thought about it. Now I don’t know how I ever got along without him.”

“You guys bonded so fast,” said Sasha.

“Yeah, promise you won’t tell anyone this?”

“Cross my heart, hope to die.” Sasha smiled and crossed his heart theatrically.

“I think he had some abandonment issues as a result of the way he came to our family. When he first got here, after my folks said he could stay, he’d sneak into my room late at night and crawl into bed with me. I’d wake up and find him snuggled up to me.”

“Ok, that’s about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard,” Sasha gushed.

“Now he just comes in late at night and we talk about, you know, guy stuff,” I grinned.

“Well, I’m really happy it all worked out. Big brotherhood suits you,” said Sasha as he patted me on the back.

“Yeah, I love the little brat,” I smiled.

“I’m kind of surprised you’re working this summer. I thought you’d want to spend all the time you could with him before you leave for school.”

“We’re together a lot, but he needs his own space. Besides, he’s got Robin and Lu to keep him out of trouble. They’ve been spending a lot of time tinkering with that stupid van the past couple weeks,” I giggled. Everyone bagged Lucien’s VW bus that was so rundown the owner just gave it to him. It made Alec’s first car look like a Rolls Royce.

“I think piece of shit cars are a Kutsenko Family tradition,” Sasha smiled. “Sometimes I see Alec looking at that thing and I worry he’s going to trade in his Passat for something similar.”

“I don’t think their parents would put up with two of those things in the driveway.”

“Here’s hoping,” said Sasha, then changed the subject and leaned in again. “So -moving to Ithaca in the fall. Are you excited?”

“Oh my God, I am so excited,” I bubbled, wiggling in my seat. “I’ve wanted to go to Cornell as long as I can remember.”

“I’m so proud of you guys, getting into an Ivy League school,” said Sasha.

“We worked hard, but it’ll be worth it. I just wish Kale didn’t have to give up Columbia to be with me.”

“Hey, he didn’t give up anything. He chose you because you make him happy. Take it from someone who knows.”

“What do you mean?” I quirked an eyebrow.

“I chose Albany over Brown because I wanted to be with Alec, and I’ve never once regretted it,” said Sasha.

“Oh my God, that’s right,” I exclaimed. “I forgot you got in there. It’s really never bothered you?”

“Nope, and it won’t bother Kale either. He loves you.”

“I know he does,” I smiled. “It’s just Cornell’s journalism department isn’t as renowned as Columbia’s. I wish he didn’t have to choose.”

“Chase, he’s going to get a degree from an Ivy League university. He’ll be fine,” Sasha laughed. “Speaking of which, majoring in photo journalism? I know he loves photography, but that came as a surprise. He’s got lawyer written all over him.”

“Oh, I wasn’t surprised he picked a more artistic major. Kale’s a pretty passionate guy - it’s just most people don’t get to see that side of him.” I smiled, thinking of Kale and his piano, thinking of Kale and the things he did when it was just the two of us.

“Speaking of Kale’s passion,” Sasha giggled but pulled away and folded his hands in his lap, “Alec and I had a pretty interesting conversation about you guys while we were packing up our dorm room.”

“Really?” I raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“I think my boy might enjoy a,” Sasha raised an eyebrow as he searched for the words, “um, special play date, with yours.”

“Special play date?” I raised an eyebrow.

“You know, sex,” he grinned.

“What?” I exclaimed. It wasn’t like Sasha to joke about something of this nature and I didn’t know if I should feel hurt or not. Alec is a handsome guy, hot even, and Kale adores him. Did he want to take Kale from me? I admit that was paranoia talking, but no one, especially a close friend, had ever told me they wanted to sleep with my boyfriend before. This conversation had just taken a turn into uncharted territory.

“Don’t be upset,” Sasha laughed at the befuddlement on my face. “It was just this chat we had. We got to talking one night about our fantasies, and some of Alec’s insecurities came out. One of Alec’s more realistic fears was that I might regret never having been with anyone but him, and as we got to talking, the subject of you and Kale came up.”

“How did we end up in that conversation?” I asked. I had a feeling I knew where this might be going now but I wanted Sasha to explain it.

“Alec wondered if I ever thought of fooling around with either of you after a massage.”

“And?” I prompted him to continue.

“It’s crossed my mind,” Sasha admitted.

“Seriousiy?” I asked, scandalized. Alec wanting to sleep with Kale, I could see that. It made sense. He expressed himself through his wisecracks, but the act of sex might be a way for him to communicate some of his feelings. Sasha was another matter. He was so in touch with his feelings it was hard to picture him thinking about something like that and not coming right out and saying it.

“You and Kale are very special, very important to us, Chase.”

“Thanks, Sash. Kale and I feel the same way about you guys. I can’t tell you how excited Kale is to be Alec’s best man.”

“He’s sweet,” Sasha smiled and glanced over at our boys. It looked as though things had calmed down at the kiddie pool. “The point of our conversation came down to that- we love you guys. If we ever were to do something like that, you know, share ourselves with other people, you guys are the only ones we’d consider doing it with, because, the way we see things, you guys are in love with each other as much as we are.”

“That’s true,” I agreed. Kale is the one for me. I’m as sure of it now as I was when I asked him to be my boyfriend. I can appreciate a pretty face, even become aroused by an attractive body, but at the end of the day Kale’s the one I want by my side. “It’s an interesting idea…”

“I kind of thought so. I mean Alec did have a point; we’ve never tried it with anyone else. It might be fun to see what the difference is like in a safe environment with intimate friends.”

“So you’re for it then?”

“I wouldn’t be with anyone else, but I feel like we have this bond, the four of us. I trust you guys, and I trust Alec with you guys.”

I thought about that for a moment before speaking.

“The only way it would work is if we were all together,” I said, thinking out loud.

“You mean a foursome?” Sasha’s eyes grew wider.

“No,” I giggled. “Not exactly. I mean paired up but in the same room. That way there’s no wondering what the other pair did, no guilt or hurt feelings, because we shared the experience together. There wouldn’t be any danger of violating that trust you just mentioned. It would be an intimate moment between special friends.”

“Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head.”

“Sex itself is just an act, just physical, but with the relationship we have the act might bring us closer. With all of us together, with nothing for anyone to be jealous about, it could be fun.”

“Can you picture Kale going for it?” he asked in a tone suggesting cautious optimism.

“A year ago I would have said no, hell no, absolutely not, but that’s because he was so shy and self-conscious then. Now? Maybe. I’ll see what he says.”

“You’re really going to ask Kale about this? I mean this is no longer an academic exercise?” said Sasha, flashing an amused grin.

“You sound excited,” I grinned and gave him a playful shove.

“Well, to be honest, I was sharing what we discussed so the idea you might have some interest is pleasantly surprising,” Sasha said and his eyes grew bigger as he continued with, “but now that it might be real, yeah, it does sound exciting. I mean why not, you guys are really cute.”

“Thanks,” I blushed. I glanced over at the kiddie pool again and noticed how casual Kale was with Alec. I wondered how he’d feel once he knew his best friend wanted to take their relationship to a higher level. Moreover, I wondered if Sasha wanted to be with me as much as Alec wanted to be with Kale. He was my best friend, we’d been close from the start, and I’d have been lying if I said he’d never starred in my fantasies. “How do you picture things working out?”

“You mean the pairings?”

“Yeah, I’m curious,” I said, nodding.

“Well, during the course of our conversation Alec intimated he thought it would be fun to switch out of our usual roles. I’m usually the dominate one in our sexual relationship and he thought it might to be fun to try that with Kale. You and I are the same speed, I sort of see us gravitating to each other,” Sasha admitted.

“You’ve talked a lot about Alec’s desires, but other than us being, ‘the same speed,’ do you really want to sleep with me, or is this something you’re willing to do for Alec,” I asked, both curious and a little unsure of the response I’d get. I mean it’s one thing to love a buddy, but that doesn’t always mean attraction.

“Chase, you’re beautiful. I would be thrilled to sleep with you, and I’ll say that without any shame. And I wouldn’t do this just for Alec; it would defeat the purpose. I see this as an opportunity to bring us all closer,” said Sasha, resting a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks, I think you’re pretty too.” I smiled and turned my attention to the housewives. I sat a little more confidently thanks to the ego boost from my friend.

We didn’t talk about it anymore that afternoon, but the thought continued to roll around in my head. It could be fun. Alec and Sasha were both very sexy guys, and doing it with them would give us the safety of being with another couple. There wouldn’t be any romantic entanglements or anything to be jealous of. It could be my gift to Kale; he’d never ask for this on his own, but my suggesting it would give him the freedom to explore his appetites without any fear of rejection or loss.

I’d ridden to work with Kale that day, and as he drove us home at the end of our shift I outlined my discussion with Sasha. His initial reaction was exactly as I’d expected.

“They want to do what with us?” Kale laughed so hard I’m surprised he was able to keep control of the car.

“I’m serious, babe. It all came out during a conversation between Alec and Sasha that Sasha shared with me while we were babysitting the blue-hairs this afternoon.”

“Jesus, sex with Alec, ewwww,” Kale scrunched up his face.

“Oh no you don’t, mister,” I scolded.

“What?” said Kale flashing me his ‘who me?’ face.

“I know all about the little man crush you two have on each other,” I giggled. “The way you guys are always shoving and hanging on each other, it’s like you picked up flirting tips from Jamie.”

“We don’t…we’re just…” Kale stuttered. He looked scandalized then suddenly crestfallen. “Chase, please tell me you don’t think that Alec and I…”

“Kale, I know you love me,” I interrupted him and placed my hand on top of his, stroking it affectionately with my thumb. “You’d never hurt me like that. You don’t have it in you to be a cheater - you’d torture yourself.”

“Yeah,” Kale agreed. “So, you seem to be advocating this idea. Do you want to fuck Alec and Sasha?”

“No,” I stated firmly. “Fucking is what you do with some random hook up, not your best friends. This would be more of an intimate bonding experience with the two people in this world who mean as much to us as we mean to each other.”

“That’s the thing. I do love Alec and Sasha. I mean, when we have kids I want them to think of Alec and Sasha as uncles,” Kale explained, then hesitated a moment before he continued. “You don’t think this would make things, I don’t know, weird?”

“I don’t, and I’ll tell you why,” I started. “We wouldn’t be doing this because we’re lacking anything in either relationship. We would be doing it to enhance the bond we already have.”

“You don’t think having sex with someone else could put a wedge between us?”

“Not if we’re all together in the same room. There wouldn’t be any guilt or misunderstanding and besides, sex doesn’t equal love.”

“But you just said it wouldn’t be random sex…” Kale started.

“Kale, how long were we together before we had sex?”

“Geez,” said Kale, exhaling a deep breath. “It was six months before we even blew each other and then we didn’t do, you know, IT, for several months after that.”

“But we were in love before that; weren’t we?”

“I think I fell in love with you the moment you kissed me in that library.” Kale blushed and flashed me the shy smile I love so much.

“See,” I smiled and squeezed his hand. “Sex didn’t make us fall in love, and having sex with Alec and Sasha isn’t going to make us fall in love with them. Sex enhanced the way you and I love each other and it’ll do the same with Alec and Sasha but in a different way.”

“You know, everyone expected me to declare pre-law as my major but you’re the one who should look into it,” Kale grinned.

“Ha, Sasha mentioned that today. I told him I wasn’t surprised by your choice of a more artistic major, you’re so passionate,” I wiggled my eyebrows at him suggestively.

“Oh, God,” Kale laughed.

He was quiet for a moment as we drove down the road with the top down. He watched the road and I watched him, entranced by the way the wind rippled his short hair.

“So how would this work?” asked Kale, tentatively.

“Sasha and I gravitate towards each other kind of like you and Alec. Those seem to be natural pairings. I also think those pairings would be most emotionally beneficial for you and Alec.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you both hide your feelings behind a façade.”

“We do not,” Kale exclaimed.

“He hides behind Mr. Smartass and you hide behind Mr. Grumpy Pants. It’s like you’re both afraid to say I love you to the other.”

“Well, I don’t know, I mean, saying that to another guy feels like I’m cheating on you or something,” Kale shrugged.

“I know it’s not romantic love,” I stated softly. “And I know you, Kale, know your heart. There’s enough room in it for you to love me and your bestie.”

“Ok, I’m not saying yes but, well, can I think about it?”

“Of course you can.”

Kale reached for my hand then brought it up to his face. He kissed it, his soft lips burning into my skin, then held it the rest of the way home. It was a tender gesture on his part that told me he would consider everything we’d discussed, but that his heart belonged to me. Not for the first time I thought about how lucky I was to have someone in my life that loved me like that.

It took Kale a few days to make up his mind, and we were at my house for movie night when he reached his decision. My parents had gone to bed, Austin had fallen asleep at the foot of my bed, and Kale and I cuddled against the headboard. Even though it was summer we were under the blankets, because my mom hates the heat and keeps our house more like an igloo from June through early September.

“So, I think I’ve reached a decision,” Kale announced.

“About what, babe?” I asked, engrossed in the movie.

“About the, uh, bonding adventure you proposed. You know, with Alec and Sasha,” he said shyly.

“Oh.” I perked up and gave him my full attention. “What side of the coin did you come down on?”

“Well, if we do it like you said - you know, all of us there - I think it would be ok. Having you there would be, I don’t know, reassuring.”

“Reassuring?” I quirked an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’d feel better because we’d both be there to protect our relationship. Like you said, no misunderstandings, no jealousy or guilt.”

“Ah, now I understand,” I said, smiling and stroking his cheek. “What made you finally decide to try this?”

“Hmmm. Well, my first instinct was absolutely not! I love you so much, Chase, sometimes it actually makes me cry…” he started.

“Kale, Honey,” I reached out and pulled him to me.

“They aren’t sad tears; they’re happy tears. The most beautiful, loving and caring boy in the world picked me and loves me and it’s never stagnant. My love for you grows every day,” he explained, opening himself up like I’d never heard him do before. “When you brought up the subject I thought, no way! But then I started thinking about Alec and Sasha. I know Alec loves Sasha like I love you, and I love the two of them. It makes sense that if we do this, it’ll be like you said, a bonding experience, because we’ve all shared the most important thing in the world to us.”

“Kale, wow, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” I choked up a little.

“I mean every word of it, Chase. Maybe I don’t say it much or express it right, but you are my world. I am nothing without you.”

“For the record,” I smiled, “I may have picked you, but you accepted me, and my feelings for you have only grown with every new experience we share.”

Kale smiled and kissed me. He rested his head on my shoulder, and we sat quietly allowing the emotion of the moment to wash over us.

“So how do you think this should work?” I asked as the time passed.

“Well, I think it should be me and Alec, you and Sasha,” he stated. “You were right when you said we gravitate to each other, it’s sort of a natural coupling.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “So you’re completely comfortable with this? I don’t think we should go into it with any reservations.”

“I’m nervous but excited too. We’re doing this for the emotional impact, but we’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t acknowledge that we’ll be having sex with other boys. It’s part of the experience, and I think it’ll be interesting.”

“You’ve got a point,” I nodded, then giggled.

“What?” said Kale.

“Tell me one thing you’re looking forward to about sleeping with Alec, and I’ll tell you one thing I’m looking forward to with Sasha. And we’ve already discussed the emotional aspect, so what I mean is, something that’s going to make the sex exciting for you,” I grinned.

“Hmmmm.” He thought for a moment. “Ok, you know how we used to shower with the football team after swimming practice?”

“Sure,” I nodded.

“I remember seeing him in the showers, and well…” Kale blushed. “He’s got a cute butt. I always wanted to bite it.”

I hadn’t expected an answer like that and roared with laughter.

“Shhhh,” Kale blushed and laughed at the same time. “You’ll wake Austin.”

“Pssh, don’t worry about him. A freight train could crash into the house, and he wouldn’t know it till morning. That kid sleeps like the dead.”

Sure enough, we both looked at the foot of the bed, and all Austin did was murmur in his sleep and cuddle his pillow.

“Alright, your turn,” said Kale. “What are you excited about doing with Sasha?”

“Well, you and I are both pretty preppy, and I like that about us. It’s part of what makes you so cute,” I winked at him. “Sasha’s different. I wanna get my hands on that long hair of his, see what it’s like to run my fingers through it.”

“Hmmm, not as embarrassing as what I said, but it’s kind of sexy.”

“Come here, I’ll show you what’s sexy,” I giggled and pulled Kale to me.

We kissed passionately, and I rubbed up and down his back as I scooted down in bed. I was so caught up in kissing him that my mind lost all thought of anyone else, and when I stretched my leg I kicked Austin right in the butt. He tumbled off the foot of the bed and hopped up with a yawn, “Guys, what the hell?”

Kale and I laughed, Austin rolled his eyes and went to his room, leaving us to our making out.

With the decision made, we decided to be a bit mischievous and not mention anything to Alec and Sasha. After all, they’d sprung the idea on us; wasn’t it only fair we spring the moment of decision on them?

It was two weeks later and the end of our shift at the pool when we put our plan into action. Our uniforms consisted of red swim trunks, flip-flops and sunglasses. I took my time undressing so I could watch Kale. After years of competitive swimming he was about as perfect as a 17-year-old can be, at least the way I see it. His broad shoulders led to the large pectoral muscles common to swimmers, his abs were well defined and tapered down to his narrow waist and powerful legs. I took particular note of the perfect curve of his rump when he bent over to pull on his underwear.

“What are you smiling at?” he asked defensively when he stood up and caught me staring. When he stood and faced me his bypass scar was on full display, something that still made him feel self-conscious.

“Just how handsome you are,” I smiled and ran my finger down his scar, down the centerline of his abs until it hooked in the waistband of his boxer-briefs. I snapped his undies against his stomach and he started laughing.

After that we quickly put on our street clothes. We then joined Alec and Sasha two rows over at their lockers.

“So, it’s Friday. You guys have any plans tonight?” I asked.

“As I’m sure you know, Lucien has Robin and the Hamster spending the night at his house so they can play mechanic,” said Sasha. “We thought we’d see what you guys were up to.”

“My mom and dad are driving up to Maine to drop Jamie off at camp, and Chase is staying over with me. You guys want to come over for dinner? I’ll throw something on the BBQ,” said Kale, his eyes wandering over the bodies of our still changing friends. I followed his gaze and enjoyed the view myself.

“Awesome, Leafy burgers,” Alec smirked. “Sounds good to me.”

Kale and I traded a knowing look, and then I said, “Great, how about 6 o’clock?”

“Perfect,” said Sasha.

After that we threw our backpacks over our shoulders and headed for the parking lot.

“I still don’t get what’s so fascinating about that VW van,” said Kale as we walked to our cars. “Robin told me the three of them were going to camp out in it tonight.”

“You guys just don’t understand, because you’ve always had nice cars. A piece of shit is the perfect car for a new driver. You don’t have to worry about fucking it up, because it’s already fucked up,” Alec explained.

“Um, in case you forgot, we fucked up my first car,” Kale reminded him.

“Technically that wasn’t our fault; it was the deer’s,” Alec grinned.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Kale grumbled.

“You don’t think…” Sasha trailed off with a raised eyebrow.

“Think what?” asked Alec.

“I was just thinking about the boys. You guys don’t think Robin and Lu have, you know, deflowered the Hamster, do you?”

“NO!” Alec and Kale exclaimed.

“Geez, Sash, those are our baby brothers you’re talking about,” said Alec. “Besides, I thought you were Lu’s love guru - wouldn’t he tell you?”

“Yeah, but I thought it would be fun to see the look on your faces,” Sasha grinned wickedly.

“Evil, pure evil!” Kale shook his head. The guys continued to banter back and forth until we got in our cars and drove off.

“They have no idea,” Kale giggled as he pulled out of the parking lot.

“You know I love surprises,” I smiled as we drove over to his house.

Once we got home Kale headed to the kitchen and started getting dinner ready while I made some special arrangements in the basement rec-room. I was just coming up the stairs when the doorbell rang, which I knew had been Sasha. Alec burst through the door; he never bothered with the doorbell.

“Something smells good,” said Alec, sniffing the air.

“Kale’s almost got dinner ready,” I explained. “Come on, we’re eating on the patio.”

The guys followed me outside and Alec started busting Kale’s chops about the apron he was wearing. It was a plain white apron with the image of a lacey pink apron printed on it. Kale knew he was going to take shit for wearing it but didn’t want to get grease on his eighty dollar polo shirt. That boy is so stereotypically gay when it comes to his clothes that I can’t help but laugh.

While Alec and Kale engaged in their usual antics, Sasha helped me set the table, and then we feasted on grilled cheeseburgers and fruit salad.

“You know, for a leafy super food, you grill a fine burger,” said Alec with a satisfied sigh.

“Yeah, you’d think with a name like Kale I’d stick to vegan burgers,” Kale replied sarcastically.

“That or be a guest star in a Veggie Tales DVD,” Alec shot back.

“So,” I interrupted their banter. “I’ve got dessert down in the basement. You guys want to go down? We figured we could watch a movie.”

“Go down,” Alec giggled.

“Such a 12-year-old,” Sasha shook his head. “Sounds good to me – let’s watch a movie.”

Kale and I traded another knowing look as we led the way. While Kale had been making dinner I’d pulled out the hide-a-bed, put a box of condoms and a bottle of lube on the end table and dimmed the lights. Alec and Sasha stopped in their tracks when we got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Uh, what’s going on?” said Alec, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t think we’re having movie night,” Sasha grinned and rubbed his hands together.

“I had an interesting conversation with Sasha a few weeks ago, and after some discussion and deliberation, Kale and I have decided that yes, we would like to do some, uh, bonding with you guys,” I said. We both smiled broadly.

I put a lot of emphasis on the word ‘bonding,’ and it worked. The look on Alec’s face said he knew exactly what I meant.

Alec’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head in an expression of absolute mortification as he slapped Sasha on the shoulder, “You told them?”

“After you and I talked about it, it felt like something we were both interested in, so being mature adults, Chase and I discussed it,” said Sasha.

“Leafy, you’re ok with this?” Alec asked.

“Yeah,” Kale smiled but his cheeks went a little pink.

“We gave it a lot of thought, and we both agreed there was nothing cheap about this. It’s going to be a fun way to bond with our very best friends,” I stated.

“Wow,” Alec nodded then grinned like a kid in a candy store. “So, how do we get started.”

“Why don’t we help each other get comfortable, you know, take off some clothes?” said Sasha tentatively.

It was as good a place as any to start, so we began to help each other shed clothes. I took off my t-shirt and Sasha grabbed my belt. I looked him up and down and grabbed his belt too. We stared at each other for a moment as if waiting to see who would make the first move and then suddenly my belt was open and my shorts were around my ankles leaving me in my purple briefs. Sasha put his hands at my waist and ran them up my body. My t-shirt jammed in my pits while I quickly undid his belt and pulled his shorts down. I took note of the bulge in his plaid boxers, then finished taking off my t-shirt while he stripped out of his. His hands returned to my hips and I put my arms around his waist, and then we turned to watch what our boyfriends were doing.

I was surprised at how gentle Alec and Kale were being. It wasn’t that I expected them to rip each other’s clothes off, but the interaction was just so intimate. I wondered if the interaction between Sasha and I had appeared that way to Alec and Kale.

Alec’s t-shirt was off, and Kale was running his hands over Alec’s musculature. Alec reached for the hem of Kale’s t-shirt, but Kale hesitated for a split second until Alec reassured him, “We’ve all seen it before. You know how we feel about it.” He was talking about Kale’s bypass scar, and once Alec again reassured him that he, all of us, saw it as a beautiful thing because it meant he was still here with us, the tension in Kale’s shoulders subsided. I heard Alec open Kale’s zipper, and then Kale was stepping out of his shorts, leaving him in his blue boxer-briefs.

Now Alec seemed a little shy as Kale reached over and tugged his basketball shorts down. We all saw the problem right away; he was wearing a pair of ridiculously tight, tighty whities.

“Alec, what the hell are you wearing,” Kale snickered.

“I forgot to do my laundry the other day,” Alec blushed. It was kind of cute since he’s so rarely embarrassed. “I ran out of boxers and had to borrow these from Lucien.”

We all laughed out loud but Alec rebounded in typical Alec fashion.

“Hey, if I’d known you guys were going to work this seduction angle on us, I’d have borrowed these from Lu anyway,” Alec smirked. “They really show off the goods.”

We had a good chuckle at that, but he wasn’t wrong. Alec is very handsome and his package was pretty enticing in those little briefs.

“So you guys masterminded this plan, what’s next?” Sasha grinned.

Kale and I traded knowing smiles; we had it all figured out. He reached out to Alec and put his hands on Alec’s hips.

“Looks like you finally get to go beyond tip deep,” Kale joked nervously. Alec wrapped him in a tight hug.

“Ha, I knew you couldn’t resist,” said Alec, who giggled, equally nervous, then hugged him.

“Whatever,” Kale chuckled, then he looked over his shoulder at me. Alec looked up at Sasha. The expressions on their faces were like those of little boys waiting for permission to ride the rollercoaster.

“Go ahead,” Sasha giggled.

Kale and Alec turned their attention back to each other, and then Kale planted a chaste kiss on Alec’s lips. Alec looked at him a moment then kissed him back, holding the kiss until Kale’s lips parted and they began to make out. Alec’s hands traced their way down the curve of Kale’s back and came to rest on his firm little butt. Kale’s shoulder bent inward and I think he was cupping Alec’s balls when he said, “I’ll have to thank Lu for loaning you these briefs. They are kinda hot.”

“They are kind of hot, aren’t they?” Sasha exhaled as he put his arms around my waist from behind and rested his chin on my shoulder.

I pressed my cheek to his and nodded, “Yeah. Looks like the boys are having fun. Shall we?”

Sasha kissed my cheek then moved in front of me so we were pressed together, chest to chest. He was taller and tilted my chin up to meet his eyes then our lips met. Sasha’s long hair was a curiosity. I’d grown up under a strict regime of ‘boy’s’ hair should be cut short. I liked my hair short, and I liked that look on Kale. That said, running my fingers through Sasha’s silky hair while we made out was really sexy.

“I’ve given this a little thought and, well, why don’t we let the boys have their play time; you and I can take a more sensual route?” Sasha questioned, asking my permission, then he nibbled on my bottom lip.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked, then took my turn at sucking on his lip.

“I’d love to give you a sensual massage,” said Sasha, as his nimble fingers pawed at the small of my back.

“That sounds nice,” I smiled, then welcomed his tongue back into my mouth. We continued to kiss until Alec sang out, “Whoa, Leafy,” and we stopped to see what was so exciting.

Kale had dropped to his knees and taken the waistband of Alec’s underwear in his teeth. He was in the process of pulling them down when Alec made his comment.

“Wow,” said Sasha.

“I taught him that,” I giggled and stroked Sasha’s chest.

“Whoa, hey!” Alec yelped.

We looked over and saw that Kale had turned Alec a bit sideways then craned his neck around.

“He bit my ass,” Alec exclaimed.

Kale looked over his shoulder and winked at me and we all giggled. Sasha and I watched as Kale took Alec in his mouth and Alec threw his head back in ecstasy.

“Oh my God that’s good,” Alec moaned.

“Teach him that, too?” Sasha smirked.

“Yep, but he’s an excellent student,” I grinned.

Sasha led me over to the bed, and once I was lying on my back he made short work of my underwear. He climbed between my legs and wrapped his arms around my waist arching my back. I felt my erection pinned against his while he ran the palm of his hand down my chest then back up and brought his fingers to the muscles in the back of my neck. He brought me up until our lips met and after he kissed me he nibbled on my ear and whispered, “You really are pretty, Chase. You have such an elegant frame.”

“I’m flattered. No one’s ever called my neck elegant before,” I grinned.

Sasha kissed me again then released our embrace. He rolled me onto my stomach and started to kiss my neck while his erection nestled between my buttocks. He humped his body against me a few times then began to massage my shoulders. I closed my eyes and let out a contented sigh as his fingers worked their magic. A bit later I felt movement on the bed and then Kale let out an uncomfortable groan. Sasha froze in place, I opened my eyes and we found Kale and Alec lying on the bed next to us. Kale was on his back with his legs spread wide. Alec was pumping him aggressively, and Kale had his eyes screwed shut, biting his bottom lip as he endured.

“Hey, take it easy,” I scolded gently.

“Huh?” said Alec, pausing to look over at me and Sasha.

“Be gentle with him, Love,” Sasha nodded at Kale.

“Oh shit, sorry, Leafy,” Alec blushed with concern. “I got so…are you okay?”

“I’m alright and I’m not complaining, but um, you are kind of big,” Kale blushed. “A little slower would be good.”

Alec leaned down and whispered but I could still here him, “Anything you want. I would never hurt you.”

“I know,” Kale whispered back.

I was touched by the sentiment between them, and in that moment I knew this had been the right decision. Sasha and I had always been close - sharing our feelings came naturally. This act, while Sasha and I were participating in it and enjoying it, was for Alec and Kale. Two guarded boys – ones who threw up walls around themselves to hide their feelings from the world, from everyone but us – were opening themselves up, and it was beautiful to behold.

They shared a soft kiss then resumed their exertions, though at a gentler pace. I watched the contented expression on Kale’s face, and then he turned his beautiful blue eyes on me. He reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze, his eyes communicating everything his mouth couldn’t – I love you, thank you for this, you were right about sharing my feelings.

It was then that Sasha began to kiss his way down my back. Soft kisses fluttering along my spine. I spread my legs wide expecting I was about to join my boyfriend in feeling someone new fill me but my eyes popped open when I felt Sasha’s tongue caress my opening.

“Oh my God,” I exclaimed.

Sasha let out a muffled giggle and patted my butt. Sasha attacked my smooth backside as if it were a particularly ripe melon. His tongue circled my entrance, and I began to moan in time with Kale as we expressed our pleasure. When Sasha finished and rolled me onto my back and grabbed a condom from the end table. I got my second surprise of the night when instead of placing it on himself, he rolled it onto me.

“Wow, really?” I asked.

“Mmmhmmm,” Sasha grinned as he straddled me.

He lowered himself onto me, and as I pressed against his opening I sighed my satisfaction. His rhythm was slow at first. He’d ride me for a few strokes then settle down on me and rock his hips. I’d never tried that before – as good as it felt, I was sure I’d try it on Kale the next time I rode him.

I placed my hands on Sasha’s hips and we both moaned our pleasure. I placed my palm flat against his chest, Sasha took me by the wrist and guided my hand along his body until I gripped his erection. He timed the rocking of his hips with my stroking before placing his hands behind his head and releasing a contented moan. He had a beautiful body. Though not the athletic type, he was lean and toned. His body moved in fluid motions like a cat stretching out in the sun.

Alec and Kale’s pace sped up again, and Alec’s moaning suggested he was building up to a ground shaking climax. He let out a high-pitched squeal of a moan and then collapsed against Kale’s chest. Kale held him affectionately in his arms and stroked his back. When Alec recovered his strength he kissed Kale’s scar.

“It’s like an extra-long happy trail,” Alec giggled.

Kale laughed and then Alec kissed his way down Kale’s body, taking him in his mouth to finish him off.

Sasha intensified the rocking of his hips, and I squeezed his erection as we both felt the pending eruption. Sasha coated my stomach with his essence at the same time I filled the condom.

When it was over, the four of us lay in silence as we caught our breath. I held Sasha and Kale held Alec. I stroked Sasha’s hair, and he planted a chaste kiss on my lips. After everything we’d just done, that kiss was the most tender, the most intimate, the most special moment of all.

“Thank you,” Sasha smiled, and snuggled close.

“I…I love you,” Kale whispered to Alec. Sasha and I traded a knowing look then turned our attention to our boyfriends while trying not to be obvious about it.

“I love you, too, Kale, and I know it’s hard for you to say,” said Alec. “It’s hard for me, too.”

“Chase was right, saying it’d make me feel better,” Kale admitted. “I don’t know why I guard my feelings the way I do.”

“It’s ok, I know why I do it but I do it anyway,” said Alec. “But best friends should be able to tell each other how they feel.”

Kale put his hand behind Alec’s neck. He pulled him close and they shared a kiss as intimate as the one Sasha and I had shared. When they finished it looked like they were both blinking back tears, but I didn’t say anything. They were both too stubborn to ever admit it. Instead I brushed my lips against Sasha’s ear and whispered, “I think it worked.”

“Do we know them or what?” Sasha winked.

“What worked?” asked Kale.

“Sasha and I just thought you guys needed a way to express your feelings for each other,” I explained.

“So wait,” said Alec. “You guys did this just for us?”

“No, we had fun too,” Sasha grinned and stroked my chest. “But we’re both happy to see you guys tear down those walls a little.”

“Thank you,” said Alec, then he leaned over and kissed me.

“Yeah, thanks,” Kale winked at me then climbed over Alec to kiss Sasha.

We reunited with our partners and Kale wrapped his arms around me tightly, burying his face in my neck. “I love you,” he sniffled.

“Kale, honey, are you ok?” I asked in concern and squeezed him back.

“It was awesome, but I missed you,” he admitted. “I love you so much, Chase.”

“I love you, too,” I smiled and kissed him.

“Awwww, isn’t that sweet,” said Alec.

“Shhh,” said Sasha. “Let them have their moment, Love.”

“How about we make one of our own?” said Alec.

“I like the way you think,” said Sasha as they too shared a kiss.

Kale and I pulled Alec and Sasha close to us. We’d shared an incredible moment, and all of us felt the bond between us grow in strength. We snuggled like a litter of puppies and fell asleep feeling happy and content. A couple of hours later I woke to the sound of laughter.

“What are you guys doing?” Robin chuckled as he, Lucien and Austin stood at the foot of the bed.

“Uh, taking a nap,” I blushed.

“It smells like cock in here,” said Lucien as he and his compatriot’s burst into fresh giggles.

“Uh…” I started. My whole body blushed, and I wished the others would wake up and help me come up with an explanation for our state of undress.

“Lucien, I think we’ve heard the last crack we ever will about us being sex fiends,” said Robin with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

The End