Rickshaw Run: Part 3

A Sanitaria Springs Story

Part III: What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?


With Holiday Road back in working order, Kale focused on his job. Chase and Alec quickly caught up to the rest of the pack and Kale snapped pictures of the garishly decorated rickshaws. There were teams from all over the world competing in the run and many teams had decorated their karts with their national flags. Kale thought he’d be in trouble with the heat and his light complexion; that is until he spotted a team flying an Icelandic flag.

Kale was standing up in the sunroof when they entered a small village. There where children running along the side of the road cheering the rickshaws as they passed. Kale was concentrating on capturing the excitement on their little faces when he felt movement below. At first he thought they’d hit another pothole but then Sasha was squeezing himself through the tight opening of the sunroof with his own camera.

“Sash, what are you doing here?” Kale exclaimed.

“I had Alec pull alongside so I could jump aboard. I wanted to see the view from your sunroof.”

“What do you think?” asked Kale, sweeping his arm across the panorama.

“It’s beautiful.” Sasha smiled. “Mind if I get a few pictures?”

“Be my guest,” said Kale, putting his arm around his friend’s shoulders.

In high school Sasha had been the photographer for the student newspaper, in fact, that’s how he and Alec first met. Sasha had been assigned to cover summer training for the football team, never expecting he’d meet a cute rookie who drove his big brother, Bobby, insane. Kale and Sasha had bonded over their photography and while Kale chose to make a career out of it, Sasha maintained a healthy interest.

“Here, take some with my camera,” said Kale, offering Sasha his d810.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, it’d be nice to have another shooter’s perspective,” Kale explained.

Sasha raised the camera and took a few shots. It was a tight fit in the small sunroof so Kale rested against the frame, enjoying the warmth of the close contact with his friend in spite of the oppressive heat.

“What do you think?” asked Sasha. He cycled through the pictures he’d shot in the live-view screen with Kale leaning closely over his shoulder.

“I think you still have a great eye,” said Kale.

“Aren’t you sweet.” Sasha laughed and gave Kale a friendly peck on the cheek. “I better get back to Alec before he gets lonely or worse, into trouble.”

“Wait, I wanted to talk to you about him while we’re alone,” said Kale.

“What’s up?”

“I had an idea that might cure this sex obsession of his.”

“I take him at his word,” said Sasha. “I think he’s just happy to be alive after coming so close to death.”

“Yeah, we talked and that’s what he told me,” said Kale. “So you’re ok with all of us getting together tonight?”

“Of course, it’s my turn to be with Chase.” Sasha smiled.

“Gee, thanks,” said Kale, feigning hurt.

“Not that you aren’t perfectly wonderful. Chase and I just have this…bond.”

“I understand, I think it’s the same for Alec and me.”

“It’s weird, isn’t it?”

“Nothing about our relationship is normal but that’s kind of the fun of it. Don’t you think?”

“I do, but I’m surprised to hear you put it that way.”

“Because I’m so uptight?”

“Maybe the old you.” Sasha grinned. “You really seem to be coming out of your shell on this trip, I’m happy to see it.”


“So what was this idea you had?”

Kale put his arms around Sasha and whispered in his ear. They’d slowed down considerable while traveling through the village so he didn’t have to shout to be heard but he didn’t want to take the risk, however unlikely, that Alec might over hear this part of their conversation.

“So, what do you think?” asked Kale, when he finished explaining his plan.

“Well, if it doesn’t kill him, he’ll love it.” Sasha laughed.

“So you’re in?”

“Absolutely! I better get back to him though,” said Sasha.

Kale and Sasha dropped down into the rickshaw and Chase pulled alongside Family Truckster. Sasha gave Chase a pat on the back and then leapt onto his kart.

“He’s gotta be crazy, jumping back and forth like that,” said Chase.

“It’s the thrill of being on the road. I think this trip is making all of us do some crazy things,” said Kale. He was on his knees behind Chase; he put his arms around his husband so they were cheek to cheek.

“Yeah, I must have been crazy to drink that much last night,” said Chase.

“Awwww, are you still feeling bad?”

“Nah, that stuff the Brits gave us hit the spot.”

“Good, I hate it when you’re sick,” said Kale, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Chase smiled and pressed his cheek into Kale’s affectionately. Kale continued to hold him as they picked up speed once free of the village. It was after one o’clock when Queen and Country radioed they were stopping for lunch. The Griswold’s caught up to them and joined their friends, and several other teams, at an outdoor café.

“We’re in the sticks here,” said Kale. “The locals probably won’t speak English but best not to swear at them anyway.”

“You know I’m going to have to get you back for that, right?” asked Alec.

“I do but it was still worth it,” Kale laughed.

“There they are,” Jim announced when he spotted the Americans and pointed them out to his brothers.

“Hey guys,” said Chase as he was first to the table.

“Bit of engine trouble?” asked Marcus.

“I’m still not really sure what the problem was,” said Kale as he snapped a few pictures of the teams around him.

“How did you fix it?” asked Jim.

“A hammer.” Alec grinned.

“No, seriously…” Liam began.

“It was a big hammer,” said Alec.

“I suppose that’s one way to go about it.” The triplets laughed.

“What’s for lunch, that smells good,” said Sasha, nodding at Jim’s plate.

“Rice and curried goat.”

“I think I’ll just have a salad,” said Chase.

“It’s really not bad,” said Jim. “Here, try some of mine.”

Chase studied the suspicious meat, sniffed it uncertainly and then took a bite.

“Either I’m starving or that’s the best damn goat I’ve ever had,” Chase exclaimed.

“More like the only goat you’ve ever had.” Kale snorted.

“So then it’s the best, smart ass,” Chase retorted.

“No arguing that.” Kale giggled and then kissed Chase’s cheek. It didn’t go unnoticed as one of the waiters gave him a disapproving look. Jim caught it too.

“I don’t know if I’d do that if I were you,” said Jim. “That look wasn’t very friendly.”

“I hate to hide but you’re probably right,” said Kale. “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

“I thought you lads were from New York?” asked Liam.

“Figure of speech,” Kale replied.

The boys ordered their lunch and traded war stories with the other teams. The rickshaw was an entirely unreliable form of transportation at best and every team had experienced some form of problem during the day. Talking with the other teams helped Kale take his mind off the dirty look the waiter had given him. He wasn’t big on public displays of affection, he thought most of that stuff should be private, but he didn’t see anything wrong with giving his husband the occasional peck.

It felt weird being in a country where a simple expression of love could be looked down on just because it took place between two men. America certainly wasn’t perfect but at least Kale never felt threatened when he kissed Chase in Manhattan, at school in Ithaca, or even in their tiny hamlet of Sanitaria Springs. As lunch began to break up and teams returned to the road, Kale resolved to let the incident go. So the waiter had given him a dirty look, so what? He wasn’t going to let it ruin his day; he’d been having fun and decided to keep doing so.

Queen and Country kept pace with her teammates, Family Truckster and Holiday Road, as the afternoon’s drive took them through incredible mountains and valleys, over streams and finally across the Brahmaputra River. The rules of the Run were few and far between. Basically success was defined as getting your rickshaw, running or not, across the finish-line in three weeks time. The only other serious rule was not to drive after dark.

Indian roads were dangerous by day and at night they were virtually suicidal. The rickshaw’s weren’t as fast as their four wheeled counterparts and Indian truck drivers paid them no more mind then they did the myriad insects that splattered their windshields. The sun started setting as they reached the city of Alipurduar and it was dark before they reached the Hotel Dooars Mountain.

Looking at the map, Alipurduar would probably be the last decent sized city they would see for a couple of days so the boys took advantage of the chance to sleep at a four star hotel. As Kale checked in he was again surprised at the luxury accommodations offered at no-tell motel prices.

“Alright, so, is everyone ready to play?” Alec asked eagerly when they reached their room.

“No.” Kale rolled his eyes.

“Leafy, you promised,” Alec pouted.

“Yeah but not the second we got in the door! I’ve gotta send my pictures to New York and we all need showers. If you’re as dirty, sweaty and grimy as I am, there is no way I’m putting my mouth on any of your bodies before you clean up,” said Kale.

“He makes a good point,” said Sasha. He took Alec’s hand and started leading him to the bathroom. “Let’s take a shower while Kale sends his email then he and Chase can clean up.”

“Nice, you’re slippery when wet,” said Alec as he followed Sasha into the bathroom.

Kale took the memory card out of his camera and popped it into his laptop. He was shooting in camera RAW which would give Jeff’s team in New York more creative control over the final project. The only problem was the files were huge and while waiting for the them to download, Kale and Chase composed an email to Linc detailing the first few days of their trip and telling him how much they missed him. Phone service in India was intermittent at best and it wouldn’t have done much good anyway given the time change. They missed their little boy terribly but they didn’t want to wake him up in the middle of the night. Still, Kale was adamant that the next time he undertook a trip like this he’d do it with a satellite phone so as not to be too far out of touch from their little boy.

“Ok, your turn,” said Alec when he and Sasha emerged from the bathroom, Sasha in plaid boxers and Alec in grey boxer-briefs.

“You won’t believe how much dirt comes off your body,” said Sasha.

“Yes I would,” said Chase. “I feel sticky.”

Kale and Chase grabbed their toiletries and clean clothes then disappeared into the bathroom. They stripped off their soiled clothes and climbed under the showerhead and watched as black water swirled down the drain at their feet.

“Geez, Sash wasn’t joking,” said Chase as he looked at the water.

“No kidding, I’ve never felt so gross.” Kale agreed.

“But are you having fun?”

“I’m tired, it was hot and we’re covered in crud but ironically I’m having the time of my life.” Kale grinned. “That reminds me, I better clean my camera before we leave tomorrow morning.”

“Two more weeks of this.” Chase sighed.

“Aren’t you having fun?”

“It’s been a blast so far.” Chase smiled.

“I love you so damn much,” said Kale, before kissing his husband.

“I know you do,” said Chase. “You’re nervous every time we do it with them, before we get started I mean.”

“It’s not nerves, I love doing it, it’s just important that you know how much I love you before we start.”

“That’s sweet, but you don’t have to prove anything to me. Besides, I think it’s fun too.” Chase smiled.

The boys finished showering and once they dried off they slipped into their bikini underwear, black for Kale and dark green for Chase. They didn’t typically wear such skimpy underwear but it was sexy on date night and they’d brought them to India thinking Alec and Sasha might enjoy them too. When they returned to the room they found Alec sitting in a comfortable lounge chair, Sasha snuggled up on his lap as they made out.

“Ahem,” Kale cleared his throat.

Sasha disengaged from his fiancé and turned to his friends. “Wow, check you guys out.”

“You like?” asked Chase.

“You guys look hot,” Alec exclaimed.

“Shall we get started then?” asked Kale.

Sasha stood up and walked over to Kale, they hugged and shared a quick kiss before Sasha whispered in his ear, “Have fun.”

“You too,” Kale replied. “But not too much, save some for phase two.”

The two friends snickered and then proceeded to their partners.

“You look gorgeous in green,” said Sasha when he put his arms around Chase’s waist.

“You look gorgeous naked.” Chase grinned and tugged Sasha’s boxers down before kissing him.

“So you like these?” asked Kale, he ran his finger just inside the waistband of his undies as he stood before Alec.

“Oh yeah,” said Alec.

He started to stand but Kale pushed him back down in his seat. Alec took Kale by the waist and pulled him onto his lap, Kale settled in and got comfortable with Alec’s cock pressing into him through their underpants. He leaned in and kissed Alec, savoring the sweet flavor of his breath, before Alec pushed him back.

“Something the matter?”

“I just want to look at you for a minute,” said Alec.

Kale sat up straight and arched his back to give Alec a decent view. He rocked his hips slightly, rubbing the tip of Alec’s cock with his bottom. When Alec was in the hospital he’d dreamed, at least he called it a dream, though the lingering emotions sure felt real. In the dream he’d been visited by his friends while he languished in the hospital. When Kale appeared to him he’d been naked and Alec had enjoyed the opportunity to drink in his best friend’s body, a feast for the eyes.

Alec loved Sasha as much as Kale loved Chase, that’s why sex between the four of them worked. Each couple was secure in their relationship and they were able to enjoy the act of sex for what it was, it never changed things between them. That was the first thing any of them would say when asked about it by their brothers who caught them after the first time but they’d be lying if they said there wasn’t an underlying raw attraction.

What Alec loved about sex with Sasha, Kale and Chase was that each of them brought something unique to the table. Sasha gave him unconditional love, he guided him, lead him, made him a better lover. Kale’s love filled a different part of his heart, a part that ached for the brotherly bond they shared. Still another part of his heart belonged to Chase who brought a surprising passion.

The one thing that all of them shared, at least as far as Alec was concerned, was their beauty. Each of them was gorgeous, Kale and Chase were finely sculpted by their years of swimming and soccer, their skin smooth and supple, yet despite their beauty there was humility in how they carried themselves. Even Kale, a bona fide model, didn’t understand how beautiful he was. Then there was Sasha, lean and fierce, beautiful beyond comparison. His movements were so fluid, like poetry in motion. Sometimes Alec wondered what the hell the three of them saw in him but he knew they loved him. All he had to do was look into their eyes to see it.

“Had enough?” Kale smirked. “May I kiss you now?”

Alec pulled Kale to him and nibbled his bottom lip. Kale melted into Alec’s arms and parted his lips inviting Alec’s eager tongue. Kale was the first to break the kiss as he slid down to his knees. He placed his hand on Alec’s erection, feeling its warmth and hardness through his boxer-briefs. He leaned forward, kissed the rigid organ and lapped at the head. Kale was a bit of a tease, he knew what he was doing was driving Alec nuts. He played with him until Alec couldn’t take it anymore and pulled his cock out. Kale pulled his underpants the rest of the way off and took Alec into his mouth. He sucked painstakingly slow, bobbing up and down on Alec’s turgid member, making him squirm and groan in pleasure.

On the other side of the room, Sasha had Chase on his back. They loved kissing, and usually spent more time on foreplay then their partners. Chase ran his fingers through Sasha’s silky long hair and Sasha gently tweaked Chase’s sensitive nipples while they made out.

“Looks like they’re having fun,” said Sasha when he broke the kiss to catch his breath and spied Alec with his head back, mouth agog as Kale sucked.

“Yeah,” Chase licked his lips.

Sasha kissed Chase again then smiled at him before getting up on his knees and straddling the blond. He took his cock in his hand and pressed it to Chase’s lips. Chase licked the head then grabbed Sasha’s hips, pulling him down so he could get his mouth around the object of his lust.

“If you don’t stop, I’m gonna cum,” Alec panted heavily.

That was the signal Kale had been waiting for. He released Alec from his mouth and took his hand when he got to his feet. He pulled Alec out of the chair and led him over to the bed. Kale lied on his back and spread his legs wide, his body an open invitation for Alec to do as he pleased. Alec climbed between his legs and took a second to soak in the site before he pulled the black bikini down and off Kale’s long legs. Once naked, Kale grabbed a condom and a small tube of lube from the nightstand and handed it to Alec.

Alec quickly put on the condom and lubed his cock. He applied a liberal coating to Kale’s entrance and then lay down on top of his best friend. Kale put his arms around Alec’s neck and drew him close.

“Do you remember our first time, how you started to fuck me?” Kale whispered in his ear as he stroked Alec’s hair.

“Yeah.” Alec blushed.

“I want you to fuck me like that now.”

“Really?” Alec raised an eyebrow. “I-I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.” Kale smiled and stroked his cheek. “I want it, Alec. I want you to fuck me hard.”

Alec stared into Kale’s stunning blue eyes and saw his own desire reflected back at him. His cock rested against Kale’s opening and with a simple thrust of his hips the head slipped inside.

Chase was kneading the tender flesh of Sasha’s bottom while Sasha slowly fucked his mouth, careful not to gag him. When he heard Kale start to moan and the unmistakable sound of Alec’s balls slapping Kale’s ass, Sasha felt his cock throb. He turned then and leaned down over Chase. He pushed down the little green bikini and engaged Chase in a mutual blowjob as he listened to his fiancé fuck Kale with a vengeance.

“Mmmm, yes,” Kale moaned.

“Oh, God,” Alec grunted.

“Don’t stop, Alec.”

“I’m, I’m so close.”

“Don’t stop,” Kale moaned as he pulled Alec down to him and kissed him hard. The kiss sent Alec over the edge and with a powerful moan he breathed into Kale’s mouth, he filled the condom.

Alec collapsed against Kale, panting to catch his breath. Kale kissed the top of his head and held him in his arms, gently stroking his back. When Alec’s breathing slowed to its normal rate, Kale rolled him onto his back. They kissed and as they did so, Kale reached under the pillow for the remaining pair of handcuffs which he’d stashed there while Alec and Sasha were in the shower. Kale moved Alec’s arms up and deftly cuffed him to the headboard.

“Um, Leafy, whatcha doin?” asked Alec with a raised eyebrow.

“Round two.” Kale smiled as he sat up and started to stroke Alec’s cock.

“You want to go again? Damn, I thought I was insatiable.”

“You are, but we’re going to fix that tonight.” Kale giggled.

He rolled a fresh condom onto Alec’s cock and suddenly Chase was at his side.

“How was it hun?” asked Chase.

“Epic,” said Kale as he kissed his husband and began to lube his entrance.

“What’s going on?” asked Alec.

Kale and Chase exchanged a look and then giggled as Chase straddled Alec.

“Come here you,” said Sasha as he put his arms around Kale from behind and took him down on the bed next to Alec.

Kale and Sasha began making out as Chase began to ride Alec. Before long Sasha was blowing Kale while Kale lapped at his hole, preparing Sasha for round three. When Alec and Chase finished, Chase joined Kale and as they 69ed, Sasha changed Alec’s condom for another round.

“Oh God, I don’t know if I can take anymore,” Alec groaned as Sasha lower himself down on his fiancé.

“Time to exorcise that demon, Love,” Sasha winked as he began to rock his hips.

They’d ordered a room with two queen beds but the second bed went unused that night. When the sex was over, when they’d freed Alec from his cuffs, he insisted they all sleep together. He felt different, a peace settled over him and he felt a calm he hadn’t felt since his stabbing. He pulled his lovers close to him rested comfortably, lulled to sleep by the rhythmic hum of their breathing.


The next morning the boys woke with a spring in their step. Unlike the day before, no one was hung over, everyone was well rested. When they headed out to the car park they found the Brits already loading up for the next leg of the trip. The improvement in the American’s moods didn’t go unnoticed.

“Looks like you lot woke up on the right side of the bed this morning,” Jim noted.

“You could say that,” said Kale, putting his arm around Chase’s waist and pulling him close.

“Bet I can guess why,” Marcus smirked.

“Oh yeah, what have you heard?” asked Alec.

“A herd of cattle in heat from the sound of it,” said Marcus.

“What?” Alec raised an eyebrow.

“The walls in these Indian buildings, mate, they aren’t as well insulated as one would think.” Marcus giggled.

“You heard us?” Alec and Kale exclaimed in unison.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Liam. “If all gay blokes go like you lot I might convert.”

“Alright but just keep in mind, it hurts the first few times,” said Sasha.

“I think I’ll stick with Church of England,” Jim laughed.

“Tea and cake or death?” Chase exclaimed.

“Very well, give him cake,” Liam replied suspiciously.

Chase and Liam broke into a fit of giggles while the others looked at them like they were nuts.

“Come on, Eddie Izzard? The Executive Transvestite?” Chase exclaimed.

“You’ll have to excuse my husband,” Kale teased. “His sense of humor is…”

“Oh no you don’t.” Chase gave him a playful shove. “My sense of humor is spot on. You don’t know what funny is.”

“I do too! Alec, what’s that joke you told me?” Kale laughed in anticipation.

“Oh, you guys will love this,” Alec giggled. “What’s the difference between a joke and two dicks?”

“I shudder to ask,” said Chase.

“You can’t take a joke.”

Alec and Kale laughed like a pair of twelve year olds. Sasha face-palmed and the Brit’s eyes looked ready to pop out of their heads.

“You guys are terrible,” Chase shoved Alec and Kale as he struggled to keep a straight face.

“Are they always like this?” Liam whispered to Sasha.

“Only after sex.” Sasha winked.

Once everyone recovered from the off color joke, the American’s loaded up their gear and prepared to head out. Kale just finished tying down his laptop when Jim popped into the back of Holiday Road.

“What’s up?” asked Kale.

“Did you ever figure out what was wrong with this thing? Why it wouldn’t start yesterday morning?” Jim inquired.

“No, but I told Alec to keep his hammer handy.”

“I still can’t believe that worked.” Jim laughed. “Do you mind if I have a look under the bonnet?”

“Be my guest,” said Kale as he and Jim hopped out. “Do you know anything about small engines?”

“A bit, we used to build go-karts when we were kids,” Jim explained.

“Well in that case, have at it.”

Jim took a few minutes to examine the small engine. He checked all the hoses to make sure they weren’t loose and then he had Chase fire up the engine. He listened intently for a moment before offering a diagnosis.

“I think you need a new carburetor.”

“That bad huh?” asked Kale.

“It’s not that bad, but we should consider changing it out as soon as possible.”

“How do we do that?”

“We’ll find a shop when we stop for lunch. Shouldn’t cost more than a few pounds to replace.”

“What’s that in colonial?”

“Maybe ten bucks,” said Jim.

“I can live with that, let’s head out,” said Kale.

Kale and Jim parted ways and Kale took the wheel of Holiday Road. Chase had been helping Sasha and Alec stow the last of their gear and was surprised to find his husband in the driver’s seat.

“What are you doing?” asked Chase.

“Getting ready to take this bitch out on the open road.” Kale grinned.

“What about your pictures?”

“I don’t have to shoot everything. You snap some.”

“Oh, uh…” Chase started. He never touched Kale’s camera equipment. He was used to taking selfie’s and the occasional snapshot on his iPhone. Kale’s camera was worth over three-thousand dollars and the lens nearly as much. The last thing Chase wanted to do was handle the expensive piece of equipment and risk breaking it.

“Chase, it’s just a camera,” said Kale. He loved Chase and his husband was an open book to him. Kale could read his face like the words on a page.

“Yeah, that cost a fortune.”

“That’s insured and I have a backup,” Kale reminded him.

“Alright.” Chase sighed. “What do I do?”

Kale grabbed his Nikon and put the strap around Chase’s neck. “That’s the on/off switch. I already programed the settings so all you have to do is enjoy the ride and if you see something that inspires you, point and shoot.”

“I guess I can do that,” said Chase.

“You’re such a good boy.” Kale grinned and gave his husband a gentle kiss.

“Let’s go,” Jim shouted and honked Queen and Country’s horn. “You can snog later.”

“You heard the man,” said Chase.

Kale popped the rickshaw into gear and motored alongside Queen and Country while the Family Truckster brought up the rear. They made good time that morning and once again found the Indian countryside to be breathtaking, not only from the incredible heat and humidity but also because of the staggering natural beauty.

Chase was still nervous with the heavy Nikon around his neck but the countryside relaxed him. Eventually he stood up in the sunroof and shot a picture of Family Truckster looking like she was about to be splattered against the hood of a garishly decorated Indian truck. Chase didn’t know it then but hia picture would be one of the handful Sidetracked Magazine would pick from the thousands Kale would shoot for their story on the Rickshaw Run.

They crossed the Teesta River and arrived in the town of Jalpaiguri in time for lunch. Jim didn’t like the sounds coming from Holiday Road so he took the lead and led everyone to the first repair shop he could find. As Jim expected Holiday Road needed a new carburetor and fortunately the shop had one in stock. The mechanic told them that his boss stalked up on rickshaw parts as they tended to several of the vehicles over the course of the run each year. Kale was just glad to get the problem fixed and happily paid what turned out to be seven dollars American.

The team decided it was best to have all of the rickshaw’s looked over. It would cost them time but a little preventative medicine could save them from a major breakdown out in the sticks. It was oppressively hot and the guys relaxed under the shade of a banyan tree until Marcus turned up with a ball under his arm.

“Any of you lot play football?” he asked.

“Well, not to toot my own horn…” Alec began with a broad grin.

“Not that kind of football,” Kale interrupted.

“Aw man, you mean soccer?” Alec exclaimed.

“Soccer, you Yank’s.” Marcus laughed and rolled his eyes. “I’m talking proper football.”

“Kale and Chase…” Sasha started.

“We’ve played a little,” said Kale modestly.

“Yeah, nothing special,” Chase agreed.

“Fancy a kick about?” asked Marcus.

“Great.” Kale smiled.

There was a small park across the street from the repair shop and the American’s followed the Brewer’s to the open field.

“So why are you two being so modest?” Sasha whispered.

“Because, European’s think American’s suck at soccer,” said Chase.

“Be kind of fun to turn the tables on them, no?” asked Kale.

“But I really do suck at soccer,” said Alec.

“Yeah, you’ll play keeper,” said Kale.

“Wasn’t that your position?” asked Sasha.

“Yes, but considering Alec does better with his hands cuffed,” Kale smirked, “It’ll be better if he stays put.”

“Ha, I told you the handcuffs would be fun,” Alec scoffed.

“I think I’ll watch from the sidelines,” said Sasha.

The guys took to the field and the Brits were feeling pretty confident, especially after Chase asked them, “so I can’t use my hands at all?” Kale took the kickoff and sprinted down the field. The Brits hadn’t expected him to be able to dribble so fast and hesitated a split second before giving chase. Marcus was playing keeper for the English and prepared to block Kale but at the last second Kale passed to Chase and Chase scored a goal.

“Lad’s, I think we’ve been hustled,” Liam panted.

“We might have played a little in school,” said Kale.

“Just a bit.” Chase giggled.

“Oh, it’s on now,” said Jim.

There weren’t enough of them for a proper game but they did their best. The Brits quickly deduced that Alec hadn’t played with his friends and so the game devolved into who could get the ball first. If the Brit’s got it, they usually scored off Alec but when the American’s got it, Kale and Chase were so in sync with each other, Marcus didn’t stand a chance at blocking them.

“Alright, I can’t take anymore,” said Marcus, after an hour and a half. “It’s too bloody hot. The scores four to four, I can live with a tie.”

“Yeah,” Kale replied for everyone. He was bathed in sweat and took his soiled t-shirt off to wipe his brow. “Good game.”

“You surprised us,” Jim admitted as he shook Kale’s hand.

“We do try,” Chase grinned.

While the guys had been playing Sasha wandered off to a local market and returned with an armful of cold bottled water for his friends. They thanked him as they downed their drinks and then it was time to return to the shop. All of the rickshaws were in proper working order and it was time to get back on the road. They’d lost precious time and would have to make good time in order to reach their next designated overnight spot before it got dark.

As the prepared to depart from the shop, Alec suggested they mix things up a bit and switch partners for the afternoon drive. Neither Chase nor Sasha was surprised. Kale and Alec could be such children when they got together, their partners knew they needed their play time.

Kale let Alec drive and as they pulled out of town, he leaned over his friends shoulder so he could watch the road for a bit. The night before, it had been for Alec, to help him work some of the lust out of system, but Kale had enjoyed it too. He always enjoyed sex with Alec, his friend was hot, hung and an excellent lover, but it sometimes worried him too. There were moments, like when Alec had been fucking his brains out, that he got so into the moment he completely forgot about Chase. It scared him because nothing in the world mattered more to him than his husband and their child. Sometimes being in the heat of the moment with Alec made Kale feel too…free.

“So, about last night, that was kind of incredible,” said Alec over his shoulder.

“I’m glad you had fun. Did it help?”

“What do you mean help?”

“I just thought it might get a little of the sex demon out of your system,” said Kale.

“Oh, yeah, that totally worked.” Alec chuckled. “I feel so much more relaxed.”

“Good, I didn’t want you driving through India, on these dangerous roads, thinking with the wrong head.” Kale laughed.

“Hey, don’t get me wrong,” said Alec. “I wanna fuck each of you at least five or six more times on this trip but now it’s just because I want too, not because I feel like I need too.”

“I’m sure we can come to an arrangement.” Kale grinned in the rearview mirror.


“Of course, why does everyone act so surprised when I say that?”

“I don’t know, I mean you’ve been so much more open with your feelings since we started doing this. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised anymore,” Alec admitted.

“Good, because you know what?”


“I like getting fucked by that big cock of yours and I want you to pound me at least five or six more times on this trip,” said Kale, reaching up front and giving Alec’s crotch a grope.

“God damn, Leafy,” Alec choked.

“Now, watch the road.” Kale laughed and got up in his sunroof to take more pictures.

Kale felt a little guilty about groping Alec. It wasn’t exactly a violation of the rules but it skirted an edge he preferred to avoid. He’d meant what he’d said though, he did like sex with Alec, there was no point in denying it or failing to embrace it. He just had to stick to the rules.

The next stop along the route was Kishanganji. The team didn’t quite make it there but as the sun set they found a decent enough hotel in an unnamed village. Kale had spent several hours shooting from his sunroof and the wear and tear on his body showed when he jumped off Holiday Road.

“Oh my God, Kale,” Chase exclaimed. “Didn’t you put on sunscreen?”

“Yeah, just before we left the repair shop,” said Kale.

“Oh, baby,” Chase giggled in a sympathetic tone. “You’re burned to a crisp.”

Kale looked down and realized the problem immediately. It was so hot he hadn’t put his t-shirt back on after the soccer game and only put on a light coating of sunscreen. His face and neck were a white mask where he’d been protected from the elements by his hat and sunglasses but his chest, arms and shoulders looked like freshly boiled lobsters. Now that he was aware of the burn he could feel it, it was like his body was roasting.

“Oh fuck,” he swore.

“Come on, you’ll take a cold shower and I’ll find some aloe lotion to rub you down with,” said Chase.

“Ok,” Kale sighed.

When Kale was twelve, his parents had sent he and Robin to summer camp. He’d had so much fun playing in the lake with his friends that he hadn’t wanted to stop to put on sunscreen. He’d paid for it then when he’d been burned to cinders and cried when the blister’s popped in the night and he woke up stuck to a sheet. He was kicking himself now. He knew he should have been more careful.

Alec and Sasha were giggling at Kale’s predicament and Alec raised his hand as if he were going to slap Kale on the back. He’d only planned to rest a hand on his shoulder but when Kale caught Alec’s movement in his peripheral vision, he rounded on his friend.

“If you even think of touching my shoulder let alone landing one of your meat hooks on it, I, will, murder, you,” Kale threatened.

“It’s cool, it’s cool,” said Alec, as he made a show of backing off.

“I know you Alec, just remember, I see your ass!” said Kale.

“Relax, you know I wouldn’t hurt you,” said Alec. “Anyway, you guys know what would make a great song? Leafy the Lobster boy, he moved up from salad to entrée…”

“Bah,” Kale exclaimed and stormed into the hotel.


Kale endured the worst sunburn he’d ever had that night along with several annoying choruses of “Leafy the Lobster Boy.” The hotel they were staying at was more rustic then the boys had grown accustomed to and after a cold shower and an Aloe Vera rubdown courtesy of Chase, the four of them were forced to sleep in the same queen bed under a threadbare mosquito net. The room didn’t have air conditioning and the close quarters combined with humidity made the room almost suffocating.

Kale’s whole body ached from the sunburn when he woke the next day with Alec’s morning wood pressed to his back and Chase’s poking his belly button. Despite his condition, Kale was eager to get started that day and after a second cold shower he woke the others. Once everyone had a chance to clean up they collected their British friends and set out on the next leg of their trip.

The next few days were blissfully free of incident as the rickshaw’s seemed to be running well after their visit to the mechanic. By the weekend they’d reached Bandipur, India’s infamous bandit country. It was near sundown and no one was eager to stay in the dangerous area any longer than they had to. After a hasty meeting the Brit’s and Yank’s agreed to press on through the night.

Conditions deteriorated as quickly as the sun set. A torrential rain settled over the three rickshaws and seemed to chase them west across the spine of the sub-continent. The rain, however, did little to slow the steady flow of Indian traffic. In fact, the truck drivers seemed even more aggressive.

“QC Calling Holiday Road, over,” said Jim Brewer over the radio.

“Yeah QC, go ahead,” Kale replied.

“I’m starting to think this might not have been the best course of action,” said Jim.

“I hear you, Jim, but we’re too far to turn back now.”

“Right, there’s nothing we can do about that but I suggest we get off the main road. Marcus found a side road on the map that parallels the motorway.”

“Do you think that’s safe?”

“It has to be better than this,” said Jim.

“Kale, it’s Sasha.” He and Alec had been listening to the conversation on their radio. “I think we should try the side road. We’ve almost been hit twice. These trucker’s just don’t care what’s in front of them.”

“Ok, Jim, you guy’s take the lead. We’ll be right behind you,” said Kale.

“Roger Holiday Road, out.”


The side road wasn’t any better than the motorway, at least not as far as the road itself was concerned. They bounced around from one collection of potholes to the next but at least there wasn’t as much traffic. The further they traveled the more anxious Kale became over the lack of other vehicles on the road.

“I have a funny feeling about this,” said Kale as he leaned forward and put his arms around Chase.

“Hey, trying to drive here.” Chase giggled nervously. He wasn’t enjoying the road either but his concern rose from the blinding rain and poor construction.

“Doesn’t it seem weird to you that we haven’t seen any car’s in the last half hour?”

“Yeah but not everyone else is riding around on a turd with wheels,” said Chase.

“True, I’m probably being paranoid.”

“You do that when you get bored, think too much.”

“I know,” Kale sighed.

“Why don’t you try and get some pictures?”

“Um, its pitch dark and raining so hard I can barely see,” Kale reminded him.

“Well you’re always telling me about the tricks your fancy camera can do,” Chase goaded him.

“Yeah but it can’t see in the dark!”

“Maybe you should have gotten a Canon,” Chase teased.

“Oh, those are fighting words.” Kale laughed. Photographers are a fickle bunch. The Nikon vs. Canon debate has sparked almost as many arguments as Obamacare.

“Just trying to distract you.”

“I have a better idea,” said Kale as he dropped his hands into Chase’s lap. He unbuttoned and unzipped Chase’s cargo shorts then slipped his hand into Chase’s briefs.

“Kale,” Chase exclaimed as his husband gently gripped his flaccid member. “I said you needed a distraction, not me!”

“Want me to quit?” asked Kale as he stroked Chase to full mast.

“Uhhh,” Chase groaned.

“I didn’t think so,” Kale giggled and kissed his neck.

They rode for a couple miles with Kale slowly masturbating his husband. Chase couldn’t believe he was doing it. Kale was one of those “safety first,” kind of guys who always wore his seatbelt, checked his mirrors regularly and abided, usually, by the speed limit. He really had come out of his shell to be jerking his husband in a monsoon on a dangerous road.

“Oh God, Kale, stop.”

Kale ignored the request. He assumed Chase was reaching the point of orgasm until he repeated himself in a panicked voice.

“Kale, stop!”

Kale yanked his hand out of Chase’s pants as Chase slammed on the brakes. The rickshaw slid in the mud and barely missed hitting Queen and Country.

“What the hell?” asked Kale.

“I didn’t want to hit QC,” said Chase.

“I know babe, I just mean why the hell are they stopped? They didn’t radio,” said Kale.

Queen and Country had gotten a little separated from her sisters but no one had been worried. They had their radio and everyone assumed they’d call in if they ran into trouble. Family Truckster was a few hundred feet behind Holiday Road but that didn’t stop Alec from tagging their bumper when he reached them.

“What’s going on?” asked Alec as he and Sasha joined Kale and Chase.

“I don’t know,” said Kale. “We just stopped, let’s check it out.”

Kale and Alec left Chase and Sasha huddling from the rain aboard Holiday Road. They approached Queen and Country which on inspection had a flat tire. There was no sign of the British.

“Where the hell do you think they went?” asked Alec.

“I don’t know, this is creepy.”

“What’s that?” asked Alec, pointing at the handlebars.

“Looks like they left us a note,” said Kale as he grabbed the piece of folded paper stuck to the handlebars with a piece of chewing gum.

“Guy’s, as you can see the tire went flat. We tried to fix it but one of the lug nuts is stripped. Tried calling on the radio but it doesn’t seem to be working. Set of in search of town on foot,” Kale read aloud.

“Shit,” Alec swore. “They’re walking in this weather?”

“Looks that way,” Kale replied as he looked around Queen and Country for any other clues as to where the Brewer’s had gone. “They could be anywhere.”

“Kale,” Alec gulped.

“Man, this thing is a mess, it reminds me of your old car,” said Kale as he snooped.

“Kale,” Alec repeated himself more urgently.

“These things get dirty enough without…”


“What?” Kale exclaimed in annoyance as he stepped out of the rickshaw.

Alec’s face was ashen and when Kale followed his eyes he found Chase and Sasha surrounded by half a dozen men with AK-47’s.

“Oh shit,” Kale muttered.

“Bandits?” asked Alec.

“Likely as not.”

“I got a plan,” said Alec.


“Where’s your camera?”

“I left it on my seat, why?”

“Follow my lead. When we get over there, grab it and start taking pictures of everything.”

“Alec, they’ve got guns and…”

“And I’ve got a good plan, trust me.” Alec grinned.

“Famous last words.” Kale rolled his eyes.