Joyride (Chapter 2)

A Thompson River Tale

By Mark Peters


For almost a full minute the two men faced each other on the footpath. They were still standing outside the milk bar, as people continued to pass them by. The occasional local would throw a curious glance their way, before continuing on, but there was nothing said.

‘Well?’ Joey asked. ‘Or have I just made a total ass of myself, and you’re not interested?’

‘It’s not that,’ Todd answered. ‘I actually like your spunk, kid. Most young guys just creep around, spying on me without even coming up to me. Their secrets can die with them, as they’re the ones who make asses of themselves.’

‘Then what is it?’

Todd looked around then stepped to one side, giving Joey a jerk of the head, asking him to follow.

‘It’s probably not a good idea to stand outside a milk bar talking about this shit,’ Todd said as they started towards the car park. ‘And it’s also probably not a good idea for you to be seen climbing into a car with me. Apparently I have a reputation around town, and people around here do talk, if you haven’t noticed.’

‘Yeah. So what are we going to do then?’

They had reached the edge of the car park and Todd stopped, looking down towards the lake and its deep blue waters, where sailing boats were darting about beneath the summer sun, and the laughter of children could be heard on the breeze.

‘You got wheels?’ Todd eventually asked.


‘Alright then, we can do one of two things. You can come around home after dark . . . where you’ll be able to get into the backyard without being seen . . . or I can meet you on the edge of town after dark and we can drive someplace.’

It was now Joey’s turn to gaze off into the distance as he mulled over the offer.

‘Regardless of what you’ve heard about me . . . I don’t bite,’ Todd added. ‘I’m really not that person. I’m not a monster.’

‘Then what are you exactly?’

‘Just someone who appreciates the beauty of youth. Someone who likes to hold that beauty in my hands, and share that beauty with friends, using my camera. People have a need for what I do, and for what I share, and pay me well for it. And I suspect that you, my friend, would be a prize worth sharing.’

‘W-what do you mean by that?’

‘Come and see me after dark and I’ll explain everything. You know where I live, right?’

Joey nodded. That was one piece of information he had made sure he found out in recent days. It wasn’t too far from his own home. At least it wasn’t over on the far side of the lake where most of the other Thompsons lived.

‘Come through the yard of the old Carson house behind mine. There’s nobody living there, and you can go through their backyard and jump the fence. Nobody will see you. Knock on my back door when you’re there and I’ll let you in. After that, we can talk, then you can decide what we do from there. It’s all up to you, okay?’

As soon as he had finished speaking, Todd walked away, leaving Joey standing on the footpath, still holding the packet of photographs while staring after him. He watched as Todd reached his car and then climbed into the pale-blue Ford, before starting it up and then pulling out of the car park and heading down Main Street.

Joey didn’t know what he had expected to happen when he confronted Todd, but as he watched him drive away, he was fairly certain that it wasn’t what had just occurred. Was the guy up to no good? Was he trying to get him alone so he could do something with him? Or to him? In person he didn’t seem the type, despite his bad-boy reputation around town, yet there was something mysterious about the guy? And Joey’s interest had been aroused . . . as well as other parts of him, and he needed to know more. There was no way that he couldn’t visit Todd’s house tonight.

* * *

After doing an about face, Joey decided he was hungry and headed for the milk bar. A burger and a milkshake for lunch seemed a good idea, so he walked inside and found himself an empty booth. The place was about half full and somebody had Bill Hailey and His Comets playing on the jukebox. He hoped that it would change soon. Maybe some Beatles or Rolling Stones, or even some Johnny O’Keefe would be better.

Before long the waitress, Alison, who he knew from his school days, came over to him with a notepad in hand and asked if he wanted to order.

He’d never gotten into her pants, despite trying often enough. She’d always thought he was too rough. Now he was sure he didn’t want to, despite the looks she was now giving him.

‘Yeah, doll,’ he replied to her. ‘Just a burger and a vanilla shake please.’

‘Is that all?’ she replied, while batting her eyelids at him.

Everybody knew that Joey Dunn was a player.

‘It’ll do for now thanks, sweetheart,’ he replied.

With a smile she turned and headed back towards the counter, glancing over her shoulder just once to see if Joey was still watching her. He was, of course, but not for the reasons she had been hoping for.

‘Fuck. These chicks will try anything,’ he thought to himself, as he studied the way she was moving her arse in that tight, pale-yellow uniform while walking away, rocking from side to side, just asking to be grabbed.

It’s funny how things work out.

Just then his buddy, Steve Ray, and new girlfriend, Nancy Watford, came into the joint hand in hand. They spotted each other and Joey waved them over.

‘Hey, man. What’s happening?’ Steve asked as they shook hands, while Nancy slid into the booth, before Steve then sat beside her, draping one arm around her shoulders.

‘Not a lot,’ Joey replied.

‘Saw you checkin’ out Alison as she walked away. I think she wants you, man,’ Steve said, laughing, before being slapped on the arm by his girlfriend.

‘She’s safe. I tried to get it on with her once before and all I got was the cold shoulder and now she thinks she can just bat her eyelids, wriggle her arse and I’ll come running. That ain’t happening.’

‘Not like you to knock one back!’

‘Steve, you can be so crude sometimes,’ Nancy scolded him, while slapping him on the shoulder again.

‘What? What did I say? I just call it like I see it.’

‘Nah, I ain’t that desperate,’ Joey said with a chuckle.

‘Just give it time,’ Steve replied.

A few minutes later Alison returned to the table, carrying the milkshake Joey had ordered, before pulling her notepad from the pocket in her apron.

‘You want to order something?’ she asked Nancy and Steve.

‘We’ll have what Joey’s having,’ Steve answered.

‘Coming right up,’ the waitress replied, then walked away once more, still wriggling her arse as she did so. Steve and Joey both watched, then laughed. They may have only been eighteen, but they were old hands at this game.

‘So, is it right what I heard about you boosting that car the other night?’ Steve asked.

‘W-what? Who told you that?’

‘Just word on the streets,’ Steve answered. ‘And now I see you’re even talkin’ to the car owner on the street. That takes balls, that does! Does he even know it was you?’

‘I don’t know what the fuck you’re talkin’ about,’ Joey replied, as his mind raced and his heart began to pound.

‘He doesn’t even know it was you, does he? That’s just gold, that is! Man, I’d love to see his face when he finds out! Just watch your arse, that’s all I’m sayin’ . . . you know what I mean!’

‘Steve!’ Nancy said. ‘That’s enough!’

Joey picked up the steel milkshake container and sucked on the straw, averting his eyes from Steve, for fear of giving anything away. Suddenly the thought of Todd Thompson looking at, or even touching, his arse seemed somehow appealing, especially now that he’d seen the guy up close.

A few moments later the waitress brought over two milkshakes for Steve and Nancy and set them down on the table in front of the two teens. Nothing was said, but there was something in the air that was just begging to be put into words.

Wanting to change the subject as quickly as he could, Joey put down his shake and asked Steve, ‘So, how did you squeeze out Robbie Miller?’


‘Oh, he didn’t have to do much at all,’ Nancy said. ‘Me and Robbie weren’t going anywhere. He was cute, but not for me.’

‘What she means is that he was too much of a pussy,’ Steve added. ‘Hey, maybe we should introduce him to Todd Thompson? They’d be perfect for each other.’

‘Give it a rest, Steve. Sounds like you’re the one hung up on Todd Thompson now. You sure you’re not secretly interested in him?’ Joey said.

At that, Nancy gave a laugh, even spitting a few droplets of milk shake over the table, which Joey quickly cleaned up with a serviette.

‘Oh, you don’t have to worry about that, Joey. I can guarantee you, Steve isn’t like that, if you know what I mean?’

‘Yeah . . . geez, what the fuck!’ Steve shot back, slamming his shake down on the table, glaring first at Joey for daring to even think that about him, then at his girlfriend, for daring to respond.

Before anything more could be said, however, three burgers were set down on the table in front of them and they were soon tucking into their lunch.

Little more was said as they ate, with only the occasional glance being cast between them. When they were finished, Steve wiped his mouth with a serviette, then tossed it onto the empty plate in front of him, before looking at Joey across the table.

‘All I want to know . . .’ he said to Joey, ‘is how you did it?’

‘Did what?’ asked Joey.

‘Come on, dumbass. The car! How did you boost it?’

Finally the corners of Joey’s mouth curved up, ever so slightly, in what could only be taken as an admission of guilt.

‘You sly dog,’ said Steve.

Joey leaned forward just a little, so Steve did the same, until their faces were barely inches apart.

‘He left the bloody keys in it, didn’t he,’ Joey said quietly.

For a moment Steve’s face went blank, as if he wasn’t sure exactly what it was that Joey had actually said, but then it slowly dawned on him and he broke out in a massive smile.

‘You gotta be kiddin’ me, man!’ Steve said.

‘God’s truth, man. There it was just sittin’ there waitin’ to be taken for a joyride . . . so that’s exactly what I did.’

‘And you’ve lived to tell the tale!’ Steve replied.

‘Well, so far, so good!’ Joey added, knowing that if Todd Thompson had wanted to exact revenge on him their conversation today would have gone much differently to how it actually did. He didn’t know why, but he trusted in what Todd had said. There was always the possibility that if he showed up tonight it might be a stitch up, but his gut told him otherwise. He knew now that he was going to pay Todd a visit. His curiosity had gotten the better of him.

‘You just watch yourself then, okay? He’s a Thompson, and Thompsons can’t be trusted. You just mark my words.’

‘Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.’

They left the milk bar a little while after that and went their separate ways, with Steve and Nancy heading up the street, while Joey headed home, cutting across the car park in the direction of the lake, before skirting the edge and eventually arriving at the row of houses that faced the cool water. Turning off onto his own street he soon arrived at the old weatherboard house that he and his father called home.

Being a Saturday afternoon, he knew he would have the place all to himself, as his old man would no doubt be at the local pub, alternating between downing beers and placing bets on the horse races with the local – and illegal – SP bookmaker, Con Coustous, who always sat in a back corner of the main bar. With the sound of the radio blaring, and the horse races from the cities being broadcast, money changed hands at a rapid rate, almost as fast as the rate at which beers were being consumed.

For the SP bookie, the fact that these two pastimes fitted together so well was both a blessing and a curse, as there was nothing quite like alcohol to fire up a seasoned gambler. There were few days it seemed, where he came out on the wrong side of the ledger, however, as Con Coustous was no fool.

After entering the house Joey did a quick recon to check he was indeed home alone, then headed for his bedroom, quickly pulling off his white t-shirt and tossing it over a chair. After undoing his belt and the button on his jeans before he then slid down the zipper. Grabbing the envelope of photos from his hip pocket he then fell back onto his bed, as he went in search of one photo in particular, from the bundle of many.

Ignoring the photos of other naked guys . . . even guys having sex . . . he was chasing a photo of a kid who was about the same age as Joey was; eighteen. He was naked and on a beach, standing with his back to the camera as he looked out to sea, his head partly turned so that he was showing a side profile of his face. There were multiple photos of this guy, but this was the only one where he was fully naked. This was the only one that found Joey growing instantly hard each time he took a look at it, studying those broad and muscular shoulders, the tight waist, the two luscious globes of flesh that were his arse, leading down to muscular thighs and shapely calves. The kid looked tanned, but it was hard to tell with this black and white photo, and as Joey continued to stare at this vision of beauty he let his hand slip inside his jeans and beneath the elastic of his underwear, just as he did every time he viewed the image.

As his imagination began to wander, he began to wonder what a front-on image of this boy would reveal, he hurriedly pushed his jeans and underwear down off his hips, allowed his healthy cut cock to spring free. He quickly took himself in hand once more, sliding his thumb over the tip and spreading the copious amount of pre-cum that had oozed from his body around the head, loving the silky-smoothness of the liquid and the sensations it gave him.

Giving his cock a squeeze, starting from the base and working his way up, more pre-cum leaked out, allowing him to spread that around as well. Next, he quickly spat in his hand, then added that to the mix, before increasing his strokes and magnifying the thrilling sensations that were building.

He knew it wouldn’t take long – it never did – and with his focus on the naked teen in one hand and the squelching and slippery sensations being produced by his other hand, he could feel the pressure quickly beginning to build.

Next would come the ragged breath, which would soon be followed by a tingling sensation that began in his loins and spread outwards. Then before long he would feel his cock pulse in his hand, the head would suddenly fill with blood and expand, then right on cue he would erupt.

Cum soon shot from the end of his cock, the first blast flying over his head and splattering against the timber headboard behind him, just above his head. The second shot hit his cheek. The third, fourth and fifth hit his chest and abs, before finally whatever was left dribbled out over his hand, which was still stroking his hardness.

When his body shuddered at the sensitivity of his touch, that was when it was time to finish. After dropping the photo back onto the pile beside him on the bed he held up his glistening hand, which was coated with his creamy jizz, and studied it. Bringing the hand closer to his face he could smell his cum, which was strong and manly. It had recently begun to fascinate him in ways it never had before. He watched as a globule of cum threatened to drip off his hand, and while he had never before had any desire to taste it, for some reason he couldn’t fathom he suddenly needed to do just that. He needed to know what it tasted like. He needed to experience that, so he brought his hand closer yet, then let his tongue snake out of his mouth and scoop up the dangling glob.

It was still warm and felt strange on his tongue, but it wasn’t terrible. There was a salty taste then, after he had swallowed, there was a tart aftertaste. He was surprised, but not disgusted.

Joey looked at his hand once more and noticed the remaining cum. Without a second thought he licked that up also, then licked his hand clean, savouring the taste and the silky sensation in his mouth as he swallowed it down.

A smile broke across his face as he looked down at his smooth abdomen. He knew what he needed to do next.

* * *

For the entire afternoon Joey had been on edge about what might unfold on this coming night. He was intrigued by Todd Thompson. He was even more intrigued by the packet of photos he had been carrying around for the past week. It seemed to him that these were a gateway to another world entirely . . . one he wanted to find out more about . . . and Todd Thompson was the link between the world he lived in now and a world that seemed to hold far more excitement than Thompsonville ever could.

But there was still a thought in the back of his mind that everything might not be as it seems. Thompson now knew for sure that it had been Joey who had taken his precious new car for a joyride, so what if Todd was just stringing him along in an attempt to get his hands on Joey? What if Todd wants to rough him up as punishment? What if he has something else in mind?

All these thoughts were going through Joey’s mind as the afternoon ticked by, but every time he just ended up staring at the bundle of photographs. It was almost as if they were talking to him, as weird as that sounded in his mind when the thought came to him, but hey, everything about this past week has been weird.

In the end he knew what he had to do, hell, what he needed to do, and just after dark Joey set off for Todd Thompson’s house, which was located just a few blocks away from his own. There had been no sign of his father, for which he was grateful; as he didn’t want to have to answer questions about where he might be going or who he might be seeing, so he left a light on inside the house, then slipped out the front door and set off on his mission.

The night was warm and the streets were quiet as he walked along the footpath at the edge of the road. He didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention, so using the cover of darkness to his advantage he tried sticking to the shadows. An occasional dog barked. A couple of kids on bicycles cruised past at one point. Peering inside some of the houses he could see Christmas trees and decorations, and remembered it was Christmas Eve. Families were sitting down to their Christmas Eve meal, some were even exchanging gifts, while other families were singing carols. It had been a long time since anything like that had taken place in the Dunn household. With just Joey and his father now, Christmas was something that was just never on their radar.

If he was honest with himself he did kind of miss the whole Christmas scene. It was something that his mother had always loved, but she was long gone now, and so were the traditions they used to share.

It wasn’t long before he came to the Carson house, which was dark and silent, just as Todd had said it would be. Todd had told him to use it to get into his own backyard, so he paused in the shadows of a Jacaranda tree just inside their yard and stood there, just waiting and watching, to see if there was any movement, either around the house or in the neighbourhood. While all the other houses on the street had lights on, everybody was still inside. The only sign of movement was a young couple on the other side of the street, out for a romantic stroll. It was a quiet Christmas eve in Thompsonville.

He wasn't exactly sure why he waited there so long. Perhaps it was something to do with the fact he still wasn't sure if he could even go through with meeting Todd, or maybe it was something to do with the reason why he was contemplating this meeting in the first place. The only thing he was sure about was that something was driving him to do this, and it all revolved around those damned photographs, which he simply couldn't get out of his head.

He waited until the young couple had finally passed, then once he was satisfied that the coast was clear he stepped from his hiding place and quickly walked along the side of the house and into the backyard. He could see Todd's house beyond the back fence, with lights blazing. He could also see movement inside the house, with shadows falling on curtains. At one point somebody opened the rear door and stepped outside onto the landing for a few moments, but he didn't get a decent look at who it might be.

Was it Todd? Or was it someone else? Maybe he wasn’t alone? Maybe this really was a trap?

Joey knew that a choice had to be made, and only he could make it. He felt the hip pocket of his jeans, checking for the hundredth time that he had the photos with him. These were the spark for something that was now burning inside him. Something that he didn’t even know had been smouldering away. And now that the spark had been lit he knew that he needed to act. He knew that he needed, at the very least, to find out why this feeling was now gnawing away at him. And he needed to know just what Todd had been talking about when he said people had a need for what he did . . . and would pay for it.

In the end, curiosity got the better of Joey and finally he made his decision. Leaving the relative safety of the shadows he quickly walked through the long grass in the yard until he reached the back fence. He barely paused as he climbed onto a wooden box set against the back fence of the Carson’s yard, along with various other items of junk, then jumped over the wooden fence, landing on his feet in a neatly mowed yard. Curiosity was driving him, and even though he couldn’t be sure what lay ahead of him, he simply needed to know more.

Walking across the dark backyard of Thompson’s house he nervously looked around, but there was no sign of any movement anywhere. The landing at the back of the house was drawing closer with every step and before he knew it he was climbing the stairs and approaching the back door.

Just as he was about to raise his hand to knock a light above him came on and the door directly in front of him opened, to reveal Todd Thompson standing there, dressed in some kind of colourful, silky robe.

Joey stepped back, startled, as they looked each other up and down.

‘So, you decided to come,’ Todd said.

‘Yeah, well, I didn’t have much else to do,’ Joey drawled. ‘Besides . . .’

‘Besides what? Curiosity get the better of you?’

‘Something like that.’

‘Well, perhaps you should come in and we’ll see if we can answer your questions.’

‘You alone?’

‘Yeah, I’m alone. Why? You worried you might get jumped or something?’

‘Something like that.’

Todd smiled, then stepped back and motioned for Joey to come inside. It was now or never, the younger man thought, then after a moment’s hesitation he stepped forward and crossed the threshold.

* * *

As he was ushered inside, Joey felt the man’s hand on the middle of his back, before it slid down to rest just above the waist of his jeans. A shiver went through him and his body tensed as a gentle pressure was applied, encouraging him to step forward. They left the kitchen, which was the room he had first entered, then Todd showed him into a living room.

Joey could see a hallway off to his left, where several doors were standing closed. The house was a typical older style coastal bungalow. Comfortable, Joey thought, but nothing spectacular. Attractive artwork adorned the walls, including a number of tasteful, black and white photographs of men, all fully clothed and in the outdoors. Joey stopped to take a look at them.

‘You said you take photos,’ Joey said. ‘Are these yours?’ he asked, as he pointed to those on the wall.

‘Yes,’ Todd replied, as he stepped in close to Joey. ‘What do you feel when you look at them?’

Joey could feel the man’s breath on his neck. The funny thing was, he kind of liked it.

‘They’re nice, I guess,’ he replied.

‘And what about the ones in the envelope? How did you feel when looking through those?’

Subconsciously Joey’s hand went to his hip pocket and felt the package still nestled there. Just how did he feel when he first saw them, he tried to recall. Was it surprise? Excitement? And how did he feel when he wanked off that first time while looking at them?

‘Did they get you excited?’ Todd suggested.

‘Yeah, kind of,’ Joey replied, while at the same time feeling a familiar, tingling sensation deep inside him.

‘Did you get hard looking at them? Did you jack off while looking at them? Because that’s the bottom line here . . . that’s exactly the effect they are supposed to have on a sexy guy like you.’

As he said this, Todd shifted his hand to where it rested on Joey’s hip, then gently let it slide further around, until his fingers grazed the buckle of the boy’s belt. Todd felt Joey shiver, before the boy turned and stepped away, towards another of the photographs on the wall. A wry smile came to Todd’s lips. This one might be a challenge.

‘So, you take photos like these. What else do you do?’ Joey asked.

‘I show young men a way out of a dreary existence, if that’s what they are looking for . . .’ said Todd.

Joey’s gaze snapped back in Todd’s direction. How could he know that’s what I want, he thought?

‘W-what do you mean?’ enquired Joey.

‘Do you want a beer?’ asked Todd

‘Y-yeah . . . that would be good.’

Leaving Joey in his living room, Todd retreated to the kitchen, quickly finding some glasses and a bottle of beer, before rejoining his young guest. He motioned for Joey to sit, then sat down beside him on the lounge, placing the beer and the glasses on a small table in front of it. After carefully pouring a glass of beer for his guest, he handed it to Joey, before then pouring one for himself.

Joey took a sip from the glass, then placed it on the table in front of him.

‘I . . . I’m really not sure why I came here,’ Joey confessed, before pulling the envelope of photos from his pocket and dropping them on the table. ‘But there’s something about these that I’m . . . I don’t know, drawn to.’

‘You said earlier that you’re curious,’ Todd said to him. ‘I see it all the time in guys that come snooping around.’

‘But what am I curious about?’

‘Bottom line . . . it’s all about sex,’ said Todd. ‘You’re curious about naked guys . . . maybe doing stuff with naked guys or having them do stuff to you. Have you ever fooled around with a guy . . . maybe a school friend, perhaps like my cousin, Paul. Maybe a relative felt you up some time, or went further . . .’

Joey quickly reached for the glass of beer once again and swallowed a mouthful, while feeling himself stir, his cock beginning to strain the fabric of his jeans. Joey’s mind was suddenly racing. Did Todd know exactly what Joey had already done with Paul Thompson. How the hell could he know that, unless Paul spilled the beans? Is that why Todd was so interested in him now? Because Todd already knows that he was interested in guys and what he’d done already, so he thought Joey might be fair game? Fuck!

At the same time as Joey was swallowing another mouthful of beer, Todd picked up the envelope and pulled the photos from within, flicking through them and discarding some onto the table, but hanging onto several. Joey glanced down and noticed that his favourite naked boy was on top of the pile that Todd was holding.

‘What do you think of this guy?’ Todd enquired as he showed the photo to the boy. ‘I bet you’ve jacked off a few times while looking at him?’

‘Am I that easy to read?’

‘Mate, anyone who is curious about naked guys would jack off to him. It was a lot more fun to actually jack him off though.’

‘What? Do you know him?’

‘I discovered him! And now he’s in America, making pornographic movies, making more money than I’ll ever see, getting all the sex he can handle . . . cashing in before he finally becomes too old, or too fat, or too wrinkly, or something else happens to him. I can show you one of his movies if you want to see it?’

‘How did you discover him?’

‘Actually, it was on the beach in Macquarie Harbour . . . kind of like how I first saw you.’


‘That was where I first noticed you . . . on the beach here. You look pretty good in nothing but your shorts. But I bet you’d look even better out of them.’

‘You’re just saying that because you want to get me naked, or something.’

‘Maybe, but perhaps I had best start at the beginning. Sex is what makes the world go round, my young friend,’ Todd said, as he slid one hand across the boy’s leg, letting his fingers linger a little on the inner thigh. ‘For the right person, sex can be the gateway to a new life, the chance to get out of a two-bit hick town, maybe make some money, even set a guy up for the rest of his life, if he plays his cards right.’

‘Go on,’ Joey urged.

Todd smiled then ran his hand up to the boy’s groin, feeling the bulge that he just knew was there, waiting to be released.

Joey jumped slightly at the touch, but didn’t freak out. Instead, he leaned back on the lounge and stretched his legs out in front of him. He may not have had very much experience with men, but he had a fair idea how this part worked. He was inviting Todd to proceed. Where exactly this was going to finish, he couldn’t be sure, but he knew it had to start somewhere.

Joey watched as Todd undid his belt buckle, then fumbled slightly with the button on his jeans, before eventually sliding the zipper down, revealing Joey’s white underwear. When Todd’s hands brushed over the bulge that Joey’s underwear contained, a shiver went through him. He felt his cock jump at the stranger’s touch, then Todd pulled down the elastic of the underwear, releasing the rapidly hardening cock, before wrapping a hand around it. Joey thought he might cum right then and there.

He let out a moan, which brought a smile to the older man’s lips. ‘You like that, huh?’

‘Fuck yeah,’ Joey replied, his voice suddenly growing hoarse.

‘And what else do you like?’ Todd asked the boy, as he continued to stroke him.

‘I . . . I don’t know really. I haven’t had that much experience. Other than the bit of fooling around that me and Paul did.’

‘He told me you like this . . .’ Todd said, before leaning in and engulfing the head of Joey’s cock with his mouth. The familiar, warm, moist feeling of somebody’s lips and tongue massaging him felt as intense as anything he had ever experienced, and it wasn’t long before he found himself needing to push Todd away, lest he might blow . . . and he didn’t want to do that just yet. Maybe later, but right now there was so much more that he needed to know.

‘What’s wrong?’ Todd asked him, looking worried as he leaned back and studied his guest. He wasn’t used to being rejected so soon in his seductions, but he relaxed a little when he saw Joey grinning at him.

‘Just didn’t want to cum too soon,’ the boy said. ‘You nearly tipped me over the edge.’

‘And that’s a bad thing?’

‘Oh, no. Not at all, but I just wanted this to last, that’s all. You don’t mind, do you?’

‘Of course not. That just makes the whole experience more enjoyable,’ Todd replied. ‘But how about we make ourselves a bit more comfortable?’ he added, as he sat up, then stood up, holding his hand out towards Joey.

Joey reached out and was soon hauled to his feet, then he was led from the living room and into the hallway, where Joey noticed several more photographic portraits on the walls, although the subjects in these were all naked, with some in obvious states of excitement.

Todd opened a door and led Joey into what was obviously a bedroom, furnished with a massive bed, a dresser, and very little else.

‘So this is where it all happens?’ Joey asked.

‘Some of it,’ Todd replied with a grin.

When they reached the edge of the bed Todd turned and faced the boy, then quickly undid the loose belt that held his robe together at the front, before shrugging the garment from his shoulders and allowing it to fall to the floor. He was now standing naked in front of Joey, whose eyes were roaming all over the man’s almost-hairless, slim body, taking in the smooth pecs and flat stomach, his shaved cock and balls then down to his defined thighs and calves. He was fascinated by the tattoos which adorned the man’s body, including a cupid figure directly over his heart, along with his hairless genitals, which Joey had only ever seen on young boys. He couldn’t miss the man’s erection, a lengthy and slender, almost stately weapon in perfect proportion to the body it was attached to, and with an almost purple-coloured head that would clearly be hooded if not erect. He was also surprised when he noticed the glistening drop of pre-cum that had oozed from the wide slit at the top.

Unable to resist, Joey reached forward and let his fingers touch the impressive head and wipe off the pre-cum, which he brought up in front of his face and studied carefully.

‘You ever tasted that?’ Todd asked.

Joey’s eyes shot up to meet Todd’s, then without a second thought he placed the finger deep in his mouth and sucked in the healthy sized droplet, before slowly and seductively pulling his finger out.

Todd smiled. ‘At least I know you’re game,’ he said to the boy.

‘So what do we do next?’ Joey asked, while at the same time gripping his t-shirt on both sides and pulling it over his head. Once he had dropped it on the floor Todd then placed his hands on the boy’s hips, and in one smooth motion pulled down his jeans and underwear, before Joey awkwardly stepped out of them.

Now, with them both fully naked, it was Todd’s turn to take in the sight before him, admiring the firm young body, the developing muscularity, broad shoulders, six-pack, solid legs, all of which seemed to be covered in just the right places with a fine fur. He had seen Joey on the beach, of course, but this was the first time he had seen him fully naked, and he liked what he saw. The thick cock that had chubbed up quickly, was just begging to be sucked. He also knew that if he played his cards right it would be something that would certainly satisfy him, along with any other guy he decided to introduce this kid to.

Todd placed one hand on the side of Joey’s neck, and the other on a hip, before pulling him close. Their eyes locked together and their faces drew closer together, until finally their lips met. The touch was gentle at first, with Todd not wanting to rush things and possibly scare off this boy, but it soon became evident that Joey was far from being scared, as his lips opened and he forced his tongue into Todd’s mouth.

Eager hands roamed over Todd’s body as Joey let his inner desires take over. Despite having never admitted it to anyone, this was something he had long wished to experience. No more nervous teen-fumbling and confusion for him. It was time to let the inner wild child out to play and for him to experience what it could be like with a real man, then as he dropped to his knees and took hold of Todd’s engorged penis, he finally got a taste of what that was like.

* * *

Joey had no idea of the time that he woke. It was dark, but there was light coming through the open doorway, and as he rolled over, he soon found that Todd was no longer beside him. Just as he sat up he heard footsteps in the hallway outside the room, then moments later Todd appeared at the doorway, naked and carrying something in his hand, though Joey couldn’t be sure what it was.

‘Hey,’ Todd said. ‘You’re awake.’

‘Yeah, I guess.’

‘Are you okay?’ Todd asked, as he came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

‘Yeah. I think so. That was . . . what we did . . . I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced anything like that . . .’

‘And you mean that in a good way, right?’

‘Fuck yeah! It was incredible.’

‘I’m glad you enjoyed it.’

‘So, what’s the camera for?’ responded Joey, nodding at what Todd was holding.

The older man looked down at his Kodak Retinette, with a flash attached, and which was one of his favourites, then twiddled a couple of nobs before looking back at Joey.

‘I was hoping I could take some photos of you,’ Todd replied. ‘It’s what I do, remember?’

‘What, you mean like this?’ Joey exclaimed, as he looked down at his naked body.

‘Yes, exactly like that. I think you would be a hit with the people I deal with and I would like to show you to them. You remember what I said about being able to make money from these?’

‘I remember . . . but I . . . I’m not sure about this . . .’

‘It’s okay. You don’t have to stress about it. I won’t ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. But I do hope you’ll at least consider it. If not now, then maybe later.’

Joey sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, then ran his hands back through his hair. He knew he needed a haircut, but it was nineteen sixty-five, and just about everybody had hair like this these days.

Looking back at Todd he smiled, then he looked at the camera. What harm can it do, he thought.

‘Can you, I don’t know, maybe leave my face out of them?’ he asked.

‘Oh, I think that can be arranged,’ Todd replied, while grinning at Joey. He was excited about this new young subject, who just happened to be not only a hot-looking, young man, but great in bed as well. The kid was almost perfect.