How I Got Carter

Chapter 1

By Roe St. Alee


The locker room. A place to inspire strong, mixed emotions for any often horny sixteen year old boy. And when you're gay, even more so. And me? I'm gay.

I’ve mentioned the fact that this story is about me getting exactly what I want, but it begs the question. What do I want?

At the moment, I'm standing in a locker room full of incredibly fit, nakedguys on my swim team, so I suppose I'll take the lot.

I'm only kidding (sort of). While I would enjoy spending a little alone time with plenty of these fine, young gentlemen, the true object of my desire is currently busy showering the last bit of chlorine off his unimaginably sexy body. Carter.

And right now it's not just Carter, but Carter in the locker room. Carter finishing his shower. Carter hooking his thumbs in his jammers and pulling them slowly down his body, revealing hip bones and smooth v-lines. Carter pulling them a little farther to reveal the base of his dick just below a shaved pubis. Carter stripping them down along the length of his flawless, soft cock and down his muscular thighs.

Locker rooms aren't always the easiest thing in the world.

Some days, I can walk in, take care of business and be out before sex even crosses my mind. Other days, it's a little tougher. Boys will be boys - goofing off, showing off, and in one particularly bizarre incident several years ago that school administrators would prefer everyone forgot all about, getting off. Names will not be mentioned, but they know who they are...

I digress. I survive the locker room mostly through a force of routine. In the door, turn right into the showers. A minute or two in the showers, keeping my eyes fixed firmly at the wall in front of me. Bathing suit off, finish the shower, walk through the far end of the shower to my waiting towel, dry off, underwear on, pants on, and then I can relax. No peeking, gawking, or admiring until I am clothed enough to avoid any chance of embarrassment.

Oh, what I force myself to miss out on each and every day.

When I first joined the team in my freshman year, I wasn't so regimented, and let's just say my eyes would wander. Especially at the tender age of fourteen, I was absolutely blown away by the sheer quantity of hot, well-muscled boys getting naked all around me. Those chests. Those abs. Those legs. Those asses. Those beautiful, beautiful cocks. Big ones, small ones, cut ones, light ones, dark ones – the forbidden fruit of my early high school days.

Allow me to indulge those memories, if you will.

If I had to make a list of the top three cocks of my freshman year, it would be as follows:

3rd Place goes to Tyler Krasinski, a senior at the time. 5'10, 170 pounds, sexy blue eyes, and the most beautiful cock. It was absolutely perfect. The proportion to his body was incredible, and his balls hung just right behind them. No curve, no blemish, and uncut to boot. If I had to make an encyclopedic entry on the penis, I would use Tyler's for the picture. And he loved to show it off. He apparently went through 3 years of high school shaving his entire body, but the summer of his senior year he showed up to practice with a half inch arc of pubes around the base. In celebration of the new look, Tyler presented himself to the team after our first practice, which I had no objection to.

2nd Place is for Marquelis Howard. Marq was only two years older than me, and is the first black guy I've ever had a crush on. His body, obviously, was carved out of wood, but he was also one of the nicest guys on the team. His smile, good looks, and personality made me like him, but his cut cock was the gorgeous icing on the cake. It was long even flaccid, with a bright pink head always threatening to poke out from his darker skin. Oh, Marq. If only I had been bolder in my young age.

1st Place, however, is a whole different story. Evan Painter's dick was huge. He was a big guy in the first place – 6'4, over 200 pounds – but even on his frame his dick looked big. The first time I got a good look at it, I had to consciously stop myself from staring. It was pushing eight inches soft, and honest to god it might have been as big around as my arm. It just dangled there in it's enormity, swaying back and forth, forever propelled by its own momentum. And his balls had to twice as big as mine, too. Hard, I can't even imagine it, although sometimes I try.

Those guys are all gone now, and I’m an upperclassman in their place. While I don’t gawk nearly as much as I used to, I enjoy the locker room more than anyone should. There’s still plenty of man meat walking around, but my vision has narrowed a bit this summer. Now it’s just Carter.

Today I only get a second or two to look before I step out of the shower and back to my towel. While I can’t let my mind wander too much, I’m trying to soak it in. It’s only another week or two until summer swim season ends and we go our separate ways, at least in terms of time spent together in the locker room. I’ll be off to soccer, and Carter to football. The end of my daily fantasy show and the start of a new school year.

After collecting my thoughts and toweling off, I finish up in the locker room and head out to the parking lot. I walk along the sidewalk scanning the lot for an MR2. It's Friday, and Koichi will be picking me up to go out to dinner. My mom usually works a long shift on Friday, so she doesn't cook. It's kind of like her night off.

To replace my lost night of home cooked goodness, Ko and I have a standing tradition of going out to eat. Pretty much since his sixteenth birthday, Ko has been driving us to some greasy, disgusting fast food place to eat dinner every Friday. It’s never what I would call good, but it’s a staple of my summer, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I see him at the far end of the lot talking to some girl from our school who's waiting for her little brother. He makes some elaborate signal that I take to mean “Wait right there, I'll drive up and get you,” and then turns back to the girl to wrap things up. He's an incorrigible flirt, and he’s not too bad at it either.

As Ko hops in his car, I hear a familiar voice behind me. Carter.

“Alight, dude, I'll see you tonight,” says a different voice. It sounds like Matt, one of Carter’s best friends. I turn to look at them and Matt’s already jogging over to his car. “Spread the word!”

“Yeah, dude. Later!” Carter calls back. He looks up and sees me, then walks over without missing a beat. “Hey, Jackson.”

“What's up, Carter?” I reply nonchalantly. Or at least, it's my impression of a really excited person pretending to reply nonchalantly. He's six feet away and hasn't even told me what he wants and my heart's already pounding in my chest.

“I was just talking to Matt, and he had an idea.”

His look sharpens into a mischievous smile and I practically swoon. It’s one of his hottest looks. His eyes shine and you can tell he’s scheming something. It draws you to you, and makes you feel like you’re in on it too.

“What sort of idea?” I ask him.

“Well,” he says, “Matt's parents just so happen to be out of town this weekend, and he has the whole place to himself. So we were thinking...” He trails off suggestively.


“Hell yes!” Carter laughs as he says it, his eyes twinkling with mischief. “Come on over anytime after 8:30. Steve and Robert think they can get some booze, so bring a tent or something if you want to drink and stay over. You know how Matt's parents are.”

“Yeah,” I agree. I’ve been to Matt’s place once or twice and his parents definitely qualify as neat freaks. This party will be happening outside.

“You think you can make it?” he asks.

Instead of saying what initially pops into my head, which is something along the lines of “YES YES YES OH MY GOD YES ANYTHING YOU SAY YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL,” I reply with a simple, “Yeah, man. Sounds awesome.”

“Cool. Is that Ko?” he asks. Ko pulls up alongside of us and stops his car. “Let him know, too. I'm sure there will be some people there for him to hang with...”

He pinches his finger and thumb together and brings it up to his lips like he's smoking an invisible joint and winks at me as he laughs.

Ko pops his head out of the window as soon as Carter does it. “You boys talking about me?” he asks.

“Of course not!” I say sarcastically as I move around the car to get in. Carter and I share one last smile as I open the door. “I'll see you tonight.”

“Later, guys!” he calls out as we pull away.

Not, bad, Jackson, not bad. Any interaction with Carter is enough to make me want to hurl (in the good way), but I can usually hold it together. Ko helps a lot. Not that he’s super supportive or anything. He’ll definitely make fun of me if I say something dumb, but he puts me at ease.

Koichi Nakamura had been my best friend for about three years. We just get each other. We met on the soccer team my freshman year, and we've hung out almost every day since. Ko is a year older than me, but he looks like he could be fourteen. It's that ageless quality that a lot of Japanese have, I guess.

In truth, Ko is pretty hot, if you're into Asian boys, which I wouldn't say that I'm not. He's about 5'7, really thin, but with a well toned body from tennis and soccer. Ko's in kind of a punky phase at the moment, so he has some red highlights in his bangs and a lip ring.

As attractive as he is, his friendship means a lot more to me than his good looks. Our Friday night fast food runs are just one of the traditions we have that make us like family. We hang out almost every day during the summer, and see each other just as much during the school year when we’re playing soccer. Whether it’s playing video games, eating crappy fast food, or living vicariously through Ko’s endless conquest of girls who don’t go to our high school, he’s one of my favorite people in the world.

It’s all I can do not to gnaw my own arm off as we drive across town to one of our favorite spots, Taco Jack’s. I’m so hungry I don’t know that we say a single thing to each other until I’m on my third or fourth taco and my stomach has settled down a little bit. Eventually talk turns to the usual – a battle plan for the weekend.

“What are you up to tonight? Sounded like Carter's having a party or something,” Ko asks.

“Yeah, you're invited if you want.” I snarkily imitate Carter's invisible joint much to Ko's amusement. “It’s at Matt’s house. His parents are out of town.”

“Well, you certainly have my interest,” Ko says, tapping his fingers together pensively. “I’d love to join you, but I've got a hot date.”

“What a surprise,” I say. “Do I know this one?”

“Nah,” he replies. “I think we’re going to a movie, nothing too exciting.”

I shake my head. “I dunno how you do it. It’s bad enough trying to get one person to like you, much less a different one each week.

Ko rolls his eyes. “It’s not about them liking me.”

“Sorry,” I say, “I meant to say ‘get a person to have sex with you.’”I've never told him point blank that I'm gay, but I think he knows. While he couldn't expect me to have his level of devotion to the female body, he has to have picked up on what he must view as a complete lack of interest.

“That’s the spirit,” he says, giving me a thumbs up. “Truth is, I don't know how you do it, man. If I don't have someone new to chase every week I start going crazy.”

“You could try masturbating,” I suggest in my most helpful tone of voice.

“Different strokes for different…” Ko starts laughing as he realizes what he said and I join in.

It’s the same as it always is. We sit. We eat tacos. We talk and bullshit. It’s the perfect start to a Friday evening, and we both still have a big night ahead of us.


I get to the party a little after eight and it's already in full swing. There's a little bonfire going in the back yard, and I say hi to a few people as I walk in from the road. Ko dropped me off on his way to meet his lady friend, so all I’ll need to worry about is a ride home, preferably tomorrow. I have my tent and sleeping bag, and I’m ready to party.

I walk around the back of the house and have to shake my head a little bit at the setup we have for the party. Matt's house is pretty huge, and his yard is awesome. In front of the house is a big field where a handful of people are tossing a Frisbee around. Around the side is an above ground pool, and in the back is a nice open space with a massive patio, a fire pit, hammock, and a few acres of woods, perfect for camping. I toss my tent and sleeping bag down in the grass at the edge of the woods and head back to the party.

Carter was not kidding about booze for this party. Somehow they managed to get a keg, and I start my first beer before getting called over by some guys from the swim team to do a shot. The vodka we're drinking is terrible, but as a sixteen year old, what does it matter? We raise a toast to the end of another summer and knock them back.

In an effort to be a good party guest, I gather up the shot glasses and walk them over to the far patio table where no one is likely to knock anything over or start an impromptu game of beer pong. As I set down the glasses, I see Carter slip out the back door of Matt’s house. I start to say hi to him, but see that he’s on the phone. His lips are pursed and he’s focused intently enough on his conversation that he doesn’t notice me.

“Well, if you didn't want me to come you should have said something, instead of just acting pouty about it.”

That’s not good. It doesn’t seem like he’s talking to his parents, so that has to be his girlfriend. He still hasn't noticed me, so I try to look busy at the table to hear more.

“No, that's ridiculous. What do you want me to do? Go home by myself and be lonely, just because you aren't having a good time?” He runs his hand through his hair in frustration. His cheeks are a little flushed and his brow is slightly furrowed. He looks so serious. Honestly, he's pretty sexy when he's mad.

“I'm not happy with it either, if that's what you want to hear. But I can’t sit-”

Suddenly, someone grabs me from behind. I hate to admit it, but I definitely let out a little bit of a squeal. Worse that that, I’m totally busted. Carter looks up from his phone call and stares at me. I'm worried that he knows I was listening to him, because he looks really, really intense for a second, but then his lips part into a big grin

“Guess who!” a girl's voice says behind me.

No wonder Carter’s smiling. I'd recognize that voice anywhere!

“Katy!” I exclaim as I turn around and hug the mystery person. “When did you get back from New York?”

She squeezes me tightly as she replies, “This morning, actually. Matt texted me about the party when I was on the flight, so it was literally the first thing I saw when I got back.” We break our hug and she looks down at my shirt disapprovingly. “You have beer all over you, Jackson.”

“Maybe if you weren't sneaking around trying to scare people, I wouldn't have that problem.”

I try to act angry, but I'm so happy to see Katy that I know I'm grinning ear to ear.Katy spent the summer at an acting workshop in New York. We’re both in the drama club at school, but I just do it for fun. Katy has serious talent, and I’m sure it’s only gotten even better with all her training this summer.

Besides Ko, Katy's probably my best friend. We met during my freshman year in the theatre. While my dramatic performance in the show should never be discussed or even thought about, I wouldn't trade my friendship with Katy for the world. She's actually the first person I ever came out to, and without her help, I never would have been able to come out to my family.

“It's been ages, Jackson. Four whole months without you.” Katy gives me another big hug, and it just reminds me how much I've missed her all summer. I sink deeper into the embrace. It feels so good to see her again.

“Hey, Katy! Hey, Jackson!” Carter has finished his phone call and walks over to us.

“Carter!” Katy runs over to hug him, and I feel weirdly jealous. Katy is Matt's cousin, so she's known Carter a long time, but even so, I can't just run over and hug him whenever I want. Girls. They always get to do whatever they want.

“I hope you guys are ready to party,” Carter says mischievously. “We've got some big plans tonight, so drink up.”

Katy jerks her head sideways toward the keg and I nod back, grinning like an idiot. My best friend is back, my crush is on site, and it's time for drinks. What's not to love?

We’re halfway to the keg when Carter calls out behind us.


I turn around to face him, and Carter has a strange look on his face. He's looking me right in the eyes, which he definitely does not normally do, and my stomach does a backflip.

“Yeah?” I ask, both hesitant and secretly excited at the same time. What could he want?

“Try to get some in your mouth this time.” He looks down at my shirt and then back into my eyes before he smiles his incredible, earth-shattering grin.

I follow his gaze down to my shirt and smile sheepishly. I look back up, but he's already walking away towards the bonfire. I stare at him as goes for what feels like an eternity, trying to process his sudden – dare I say it – flirtatiousness. Is he already drunk, or just being goofy? A second ago he was arguing with his girlfriend, and now suddenly he's teasing me like he's in a great mood.

“Hey, love bird.” Katy's voice cuts through my reverie. “Pump this keg while I pour us some beer.”

I walk over in a daze to pump the keg. I suddenly feel drunk – drunk on Carter. I feel a little dizzy after our exchange and my face feels flushed. He was just acting a little... peculiar. Maybe it was nothing, but I sure as hell want to get to the bottom of it.

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