Folks, folks, folks! Ok, we all know I am sucker for a story with a Chris, so you probably think I'd take just about ANYTHING with a Chris, right? Well let me tell you, Ehman drives a hard bargain! I mean, this thing was good, I was begging, threatening, pleading I mean I tried everything I could think of short of hiking my leg on his front lawn.

    Finally I told him if he gave us the story, I wouldn't send him the nude pictures of Ernest Borgnine. Talk about making the right choice!

This story is odd for us, because we don't usually take first time authors or tales so freshly begun, but damn if it's not one of the best new stories out there, and that's no dogshit!

    Did I say dogshit? I mean, well, that is to say...It wasn't me! Put the newspaper away! That's not funny, I was too housetrained!

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