The Rip
by Mark Peters

Once more, dear friends, I entered the breach for a new story for your entertainment. As constant readers you all know how rascally Mark Peters can be when he writes a new story and I have to retrieve it from him. I must say, he can be quite challenging, alas to no avail.

You see, Mark stopped at one of the strip joints to meet up with the go-go boys that he so dearly loves and I, being the proud procurer of the written word that I am, got the barman to pour a little heavy when it came to Mark's drinks.

In no time, well, about four hours actually, the liquor did it's duty and Mark started making passes at me. The next morning he agreed to hand over the manuscript on the condition I tell no one how much he likes wearing women's underwear.

Your secret is safe with me!
Uno Dos Tres
Cuatro Cinco Seis
Siete Ocho Nueve