Author's Vault
Stories by Androgene:
Colorado Game
Stories by Ryan Bartlett:
Broken Hearted Preacher's Kid Hunting Accident Hidden Talents
The Evolution of Us Pool Boy Jamie's Buddy Homecoming
The Muse Linc Super Model Don't Look in the Closet
Summer's End French Kiss Bunny Itty Bitty Bestie
The Last Gasp of Winter Rickshaw Run 1 Rickshaw Run 2 Rickshaw Run 3
Rickshaw Run 4 Date Night A Funny Thing Happened... Is This Where I Leave You?
Finding Niki My Secret Identity Almost Famous Without a Trace
The Wounded Reindeer Signing Day On Native Ground Sidewinder Ranch
Scare Me Up a Little Bit of Love Pray for Joey Darkness Take My Hand
Stories by Beren:
Gold Tinted Spectacles
Stories by Teddy Bower:
Making Love Caught in the Act of Mourning - Flash Crossing Jordan Chucky's Arrow
Little Brother
Stories by Melina Catts:
Betrayal Disenchanted Shameful The Other Side
Stories by Bryan Centers:
Tylers Dance
Stories by Codey:
From The Heart
The Balcony: A Time For Change Unanswered Prayers Baysville Breaking Masks
The Ultimate Gift Toy Soldiers
Picket Fences Pt 1
Stories by Comicality:
My Only Escape
Stories by Cynus:
Strays Another Day in Parodyse The Bearded Bromance Teammates
Underdogs Summer Smiles Across the Pool Navigator
Best Friends and Blackmail Return With Honor Oak Shadows Is Love a Miracle?
The Drawbacks of Being a Monster The Mask of the Hunter King of the Corn Maze From the Cup of the Worthless
Ashes of Fate: S1 Ashes of Fate: S2 Ashes of Fate: S3 Rivers of the Dead
Shadow Honor Clouded Purity Lonely Pride Tragic Genius
Fearless Weightless Power of Truth Second Chances
Martyrs of the Heart Cynical Faith Rumors of War
Stories by Dabeagle:
Begin Anew Life In A Northern Town Long Day Moving is Hard
The Quantum Wayward Son Through Time Everything's Jake
The Tull Unification Ticking Su Cuy'gar Rainbow's End
Gaymer Interference The Lerman Effect Mansfield
In Dreams A Matter of Time Meet the Parents Motel 67
Requiem 1 Requiem 2 Sanitaria Springs A Night at the Opera
The Meaning of Living Don't Ask Alec! Alec's Best Friend Cowboy Up
Hamster Pillow Talk Birthday Blues Autopsy
Must Love Books Dreamcatcher The Right One The Right One: Aftermath
Alain's Watch Built to Last Devyn's Song Asher
Robin & Lucien 4 Ever Forever December The Space Between The Perils of Lucien Pt 1
The Perils of Lucien Pt 2 The Facilitator The Facilitator 2 Cookie Monster
Road Trip Muttley Boomer Bus Boys
Found Family Camp The Exception Boy, Bus & Key Curious Nate
School Shopping - Flash Things We Lost Things We Found Nevermore
Robin & Lucien Love & Loss The Journey Charmed
Little Bit Standing Up The List Elliot's Lament
The Education of Nate Hard to Say You Don't Know Me Candy&Kisses
Afterglow Wild Heart Baysville 9 Baysville 15
2 Low 4 Zero In Dog We Trust Ouroboros, Inc. Crossroads
The Romanian Connection Learning to Fall Tempered Scars
All Mine New Home, Old Family The Trouble with Pretending Reunion
Panic! Politics Broken Ferroequinology
All Good Things All I Want.... Family
Stories by Driver Nine:
The Quarry Tales From The Quarry
Stories by Sean E:
When Shadows Pass
Stories by N Fourbois:
Simon's Knee Great Oaks Teen Angst
Stories by Chris G:
Stories by Nicholas Hall:
The Carpenter and the Piano Man The Last House on the Left Parker's Love
The Boy in the Popcorn Stand Railroad Bridges Gillie Prom Night
Stories by Israfil:
Stories by Jeff:
It All Started At Schwartz Opposing Forces
Stories by JohnInLex:
A Matter of the Heart
Stories by Devon Keene:
The Enigma Of Flatness
Stories by Lugnutz:
Mechanics 101 Nonsense F.A.S.T Dragstrip
Rolling the Dice Rainbow's End The Mask Trick or Treat?
Stories by Merkin:
Ripple Effect Lake Effect Payback
Stories by Montreal:
Earth to Earth The Hug
Stories by Eliot Moore:
Turbulence Recovery Janus A Fragile Light
For Your Eyes Only Awakenings
Stories by Cole Parker:
Stories by Patroclus76:
The Haunting of Julian Grey
Stories by Pedro:
The Tourist The Seagull The Seagull2 Saulius
Not Carrot Cake The Challenge that is Tony
Stories by Ehman Penn:
Matthew Figures It Out
Stories by Mark Peters:
After We Danced The Mardi Gras Murders Prisoner of Carronne
Beyond Salvation While I Was Sleeping The Boy on the Corner
The Rip Thompsonville Song For Guy
The Baxter Boys A Good Place Thompson River Tales
Stories by Peter Richardson:
Hot Summer Saturday
Stories by Rickdog:
What Lies Within Kim's Story Short Game
Stories by James Savik:
The Nordia Incident
Stories by Mark D. Solay:
Ray and Roy
Stories by Roe St. Alee:
How I Got Carter
Stories by Sean E:
When Shadows Pass
What I Need for Christmas
Stories by SteveT:
Not All Angels Have Wings
Stories by Stephen Wheeler:
Bewitched Truly, Madly, Deeply Metamorphosis of Reginald Brocklebank
Stories by Gee Whillickers:
Out of My League Zombie Valentine The Costume The Wish
The Scariest Costume of All Lucky Seven

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