Unanswered Prayers
by Dabeagle and Mark Peters

Mark Peters and I originally collaborated on The Balcony: A Time for Change. We had so much fun, we decided to try again for the site's one year Anniversary.
Now, as we all know, none of these tales comes here willingly. Those that have stopped by page to page will note that I have used everything from deforestation, overly sexual midgets, apple juice and cocaine, bright christmasy lights, and starvation in order to get the necessary tales here.
So I know you're all wondering what I had to do for this one? Threaten to use my mother's frequent flyer miles and send Mark a defrocked priest perhaps? Or perhaps I sent him a picture of Margaret Thatcher strapping on a dildo?
No, neither one. Would you believe I just asked? No, I thought you wouldn't.
Thank you Mark.
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